Psyche Genetics, MagnetManism

Lately, I have been accused of committing a, “psychogenetic fallacy”. Now, I normally dismiss these types of unfounded accusations and don’t dwell on them. However, in this specific accusation (of a logical error), I am reminded of MagnetMan’s dissertation on Psyche Genetics that he has published. Now, I have to admit, that I never read the thing, nor do I ever plan to. But, I am confident that MM probably has a lot of good ideas about it. Therefore, we can let him be the authority on this issue, insofar as his own publications and publishing are concerned. The purpose for this thread is to investigate two main issues, 1. what Psyche Genetics means, and 2. if a “psychogenetic fallacy” is possible.

Regarding #1. Psyche Genetics simply means that logic is inherited through reproduction and replication. Sex. Therefore, if a person fails to reproduce and beget children, then that person’s logic essentially MUST BE lost in time. Extinct. The logic literally dies and never can become replaced. For example, Nietzsche is a perfect example of this. He did not sexually reproduce, so his logic literally and physically is dead. Impotent. The reason(s) for this is relatively simple. People withhold logic, as do other living creatures. If a creature is not living, then it has no logic. At the very least, we cannot prove that it has any logic. Essentially, whatever forms of its consciousness are lost to death through decomposition and disintegration. Neural degeneration. Logic starts and ends in a brain organ. Thus, if this brain organ is replicated (through reproduction), then its offspring will reproduce a similar brain organ barring any positive or NEGATIVE (environmental) mutations.

Regarding #2. Psychogenetic fallacies are misleading. Logically, psychological genetics are true and obvious. Animals beget mostly similar offspring to their own form. Therefore, cats do not beget people and people do not beget ducks. Simple, right? Right. Now, people DO almost absolutely reproduce other people. And if there is an extreme mutation, then a specie may or may not fragment into new species (or races of people). Brain chemistry and logic are no different. If a logic becomes disconnected from its GENETICS, then it becomes purely memetic. Again, Nietzsche, and possibly Christ/Christianity can become cited here for direct proof. If males fail to beget their genes, then their logic is a physical failure (of reproduction/success) as well. Now, how can one/anybody commit a so called “psychogenetic fallacy”? Well, it is possible, but not as some would think. To accuse somebody of committing this fallacy means that the person’s reasoning (not logic) bases a CAUSE, for a belief, within the psychogenetic structures of a person/brain. THIS is false, because of the nature of causality. Unless we admit that people CAUSE ideals, which may or may not become true, then the psychogenetic fallacy is possible. However, if people absolutely CANNOT CAUSE ideals, then the psychogenetic fallacy is impossible. Ultimately, the matter of this fallacy becomes rooted in the relation between Causation on one hand, and producing ideals on the other hand. How is this caused, or is it causal in the first place?

Now, I do not expect anybody to know any of this information. But, this should give you all something to think about for a few days, or however long you need to digest this food for thought.

P.S. If you don’t know what Psyche Genetics are, then you should not waste MY TIME with questions, but rather go to the authority on this issue, who is MagnetMan.

And if I wish to learn about the world, I’ll go to someone more in touch with it.

Let us say that anyone that offers the not so novel idea that “I said so” is an argument worth considering, must be desperate enough to think that words and reality are tautologies.
Such a person should be allowed to commune with his sentences in peace and nothing disturbing, from a world that remains unaffected by them, should trouble him much.

Why seek an authority to learn about the world in the first place, unless you are lacking (knowledge)?

Who says that it is an argument worth considering? It is a reason for belief, not necessarily a good reason. A taunt, intimidation via physical violence. “If you don’t shut up, then I will put my boot down your throat.” = “Because I said so.” This is not so much an appeal to force as this is what reality is all about. Forces, authority, reasons. Violence.

There are two fears which haunt people, deluded fears and realistic fears. If you murder somebody, then the fear of retaliation, by law or revenge, is REAL. If you fear demons and darkness, then this fear is deluded, childish. The difference between these fears is what people seek to publicly justify them. As a result, you will see many people, fearing demons (and God especially) as realistic fears to have. Then, these people will accuse YOU of being deluded for not sharing in their fears.

Sometimes in secret hiding places, little boys hide their favorite toys.

Then, under the cover of night, they return to them, merely to have a look.

Convince a billion animals that there is a Big Shepherd above them, and, according to the night crawler, God exists.

What is going on here is not an interest in reality…but an interest in domination.
The narrative will play itself out, accordingly.

What kind of father breaks his son’s favorite toys? That seems like a psychotic ailment to me.

Of course it will. But you are missing the big picture, here. What good is a slave unless it is put to use to a Purpose? Slaves do not want to create their own purposes in life, as this would entail effort, responsibility, and consequences. Therefore, masters step up to give them this purpose that they so clearly lack. Nietzscheans are frothing at the mouth for it, can’t you see? A big change is coming, an expected one. So what. History repeats. And if you can predict the wave, then you can ride it all the way home.

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