Psyche Genetics, MagnetManism




Ontoepistemologicofantasy lives on.
I mean to expose nitwits every chance I get.
Feel lucky that even this post will cause Faust to send me another warning.

How many errors must you make before you live-up to your nature, and how many names and masks must you change before you realize that the past cannot be discarded…only overcome?

Tell me about masks, souper man. Irony is lost on you. I do what I must to gain what I want, and need. However, these motivations are lost upon you. You need to restart, and rethink. Reconsider my positions, what I say, to whom, why, and toward what end. Only then, will you appropriately begin to understand what motivates me, and can predict my path. Until then, you will lag behind, expectantly. What will I say next, barring the fact my threads constantly become unlocked? And I am given a voice. What will I state when I finally affirm my place in a position of seriousness, and thus, superiority? Inevitability is coming, and you most assuredly will gain your desired chance to compare yourself to me.

Topics are locked if discussion falls into disarray… hence my warning, and no-one has done anything worthy of a ban here Anthem but I know you prefer less people in the playground to play with but I have yet to understand why.

Yes, and we take ILP dynamics into account too, for nothing stays the same…

Like the avatar, btw :wink: what does it symbolise…?

Dear boy, you’ve built a persona around me and trying to “kill” me…or imitate my effect.
You envy my influence…and in your haste to imitate it, you fail to accurately judge it.

You’ve become so desperate, at times, that you resort to poorly thought-out inanities, followed by declarations…and then victory dances. Now here you are, trying to erase your past…YET AGAIN…hoping that this time you’ll get it right…wanting to find more easy prey to sharpen your wit…wearing a more docile mask to prevent your quarantine.

Comparing myself to you, would be like comparing myself to a worm.
I just love poking at you, when you come out of the dirt, after a rainfall; i like watching you squirm and twist and trying to dig yourself back into the ground…to emerge a maggot…then a butterfly.

Not only are your motives clear…but they are quite pathetic…like a paraplegic trying to dance gracefully.

At some time you convinced yourself that reality was irrelevant, because you’ve got no ability to percieve it clearly, and so you decided to replace substance with declarative statements…mixed in with heavy doses of hyperbole…and some attempts at mind-manipulating impressions.
A witch’s brew…because you think it’s magic…slight of hand…a trick you can merely learn and then repeat for the crowds, garnering the same responses.

You’ve still got no clue…boy.
My “talent”, if you can call it that, is in my ability to percieve reality…and then to argue my points by connecting them with common experiences…It is not to disconnect from reality and then use words to hide the fact that I can’t argue my points, resorting to semantics and bullshit words with no reference to anything in the world.
It’s my clarity, boy, that has them coming back to me. My honesty about life and mankind. My courage to speak my mind, often agaisnt common social myths and cultural standards, becomnig a target for scorn and being accused of deliberately creating controversy.
If the statement has no reference to reality, or the degree that it does, determines its quality, boy.

It was my desire to set things right, to challenge what morons considered self-evident, to resist the tide of stupidity that has average dolts going to on-line forums to repeat the same shit in the same way…with no personal critical judgment added.
It was the world drowning in lies and feel-good ideals, which are really nihilistic,that urges me to act.

Reality is my standard, boy, not rhetoric…rhetoric is my tool.
But that urge is declining, after the birth of my son.

Claiming that “I said so” constitutes a revolutionary act of will, that alters the world, is why you are and were and shall remain exactly who you are, were and shall be.

Incorrect, and your projections are your own.

We will see about that, but, as has recently been shown, your inability to commit to a thread/argument is your weakness. You really are not that good at arguing. Posturing is more your thing, or perhaps, your only thing. Even your rhetorical style is mediocre.

Flowery imagery will not help you in the arena, where statements and points count. You come to me, not I to you. This is your weakness now.

Then reiterate my motives openly. Let everybody hear your err.

You clearly missed the points, my points, just as your followers do, such a shame.

That is your talent then? I am unimpressed. But, you may continue to use the past as your defense in light of arguments NOW. If you have a point, then let’s hear it. What is your business in this thread again, except to rescue one of your own from my teeth? I can expose the clowns for the fools they are. Now, enters their Authority. Because I said so.

You delude the logic implied by statements. No matter, if you step into my arguments uninvited then you will feel the full affect of one.

You missed the point, lapdog. Now draw upon your troops, because sometimes, two, or three minds, are better than one. Now employ this logic.


I admit it, my patience for the average man has declined over the years.

Like a worm, you will stoop to any low, to raise yourself, in your own eyes.
I come, like a man comes to play with a puppy.

You are trying to overcompensate, again, boy…even this preemption is a sign of insecurity.
You come wanting to be appreciated, and to gain what you lack in real life: stature.


In your mind, you are a god…too bad it has no reference to reality.

Words in the breeze.

Oooooh, how threatening.
Will your words sting, sage?

Troops, man-child?
I always stand alone…that others rally behind me is what irks you the most.
You want to recreate it…you envy it.

Life wears on us all.

But this is false, otherwise you would not have stepped in front of the puppies you now protect. Protect from whom??? You need to train them better than this.

Incorrect, I come for knowledge, originally. And when a source exhausts itself, then I move onto new areas rich in resources, the nature of all consumption.


That depends on how far you step inside the circle. I see you are leaving again??? Cowardice, or another compulsion? Why not stay around awhile? Scared you may have to defend yourself publicly? Cannot you see that people on this website not-so-subtly beg you provide something for yourself, if you can anymore. You got anything left in you? Anything left to say before you degenerate past the point of no return? Even MM here is calling you out. How will you look tough while simultaneously running away at the same time? Poetics?

Incorrect, you misunderstood my motives. Now, how many times will you repeat yourself?

Anything left in you?