Psychic Medium. Delusions, or the truth??

I believe its real being able to talk to dead people. Because I met a psychic medium who damn near read my minds thoughts. And he said with certain people listening to them on T.V. such as a famous dead person, that thats when he most likely believes in the life after. And that it feels like a delusion, but when he wants to cry inside believing its fake, the voice is saying stuff like “why are sad, ect.” And believe me I read emotions well, but not quite as well as him. And he said that most psychic mediums the voice sounds like its coming from a old speaker, like the end of “Terminator 3” where the sounds distorted. But the more intune psychic mediums can listen to someone say Lou Gehrig to 2pac, and while hearing their voice and the more it sounds like what your hearing to yourself is exactly the same as the audio (the voice matching with the speaker on the audio). That thats the real potent of these certain psychics. And they don’t believe in the “Life After Death” 100%, but can anyone believe in something 100% that they haven’t actually lived?? But his reinsurance of it comes in forms of say a very potent emotionally tapped dream, that the dead persons “emotions” make it “lucid.”

All I know when he was most labeled as schizophrenia, suicidal, and depressed. Thats when he listened to himself, and where he went wrong with listening to the radical advice informers (advice informers/dead people) the most. That thats when his emotions about everything from himself, to trying not to stereotype when necessary came into action. And the last time I talked to him, he was a new better him (last time was last night, January 6th, 2005 eastern coast time in America).

Do you think that psychic mediums just a delusion your mind makes??

Shh, it only takes a few years but. He said first you just think to yourself when you die, like seeing black with blurry vision seeing the energy around you. Then see through others eyes, (Feels like you concentrate when looking at people, or an object. But at the same time feels like theres no concentration in what your looking at.) and thats when you talk to other fellow dead people (what, around 2 years I think he said). Then after that, then thats when you get to wander the earth, but come into contact like you never died with the other dead people. Basically like a parallel earth just for dead people, the dead we call dead.

We have the logic according to the Bible’s text on believing life after death like say for example John Edwards, and Helen Schucman. But do we have the reasoning for the small things leading to our belief of it, like the things in life leading to death if your truly emotionally in tune?? All I know is, we’re not afraid for our belief’s.