Ok so why is it all fake?
There’s no proof? You know who controls the proof. They only like certain kinds of proof. Money controls who talks and who doesn’t. Money makes movies and documentaries. Money pays scientists to conduct tests. Money is “proof”, in capitalism.

Psychism got monopolized along with magick. Started even before egypt. Secret schools, religious and parafeudal elites, they got to it, and decided to keep it all a secret, to control power, truth, the facets and higher capacities of the mind, etc. Christianity was controlled by them to a large degree, so ya burn a few witches and teach that magick comes from the devil, or that when someone can predict the future a demon’s giving them that information and they are to be feared. In places like islamic countries, they still practically attack you for anything magick or psychic related. Illuminati are very occulty. Free masons are too. Jews are more religious and racist than occulty but, that’s still a corrupt spirituality.

They don’t want you to think that it’s possible to be psychic or truly spiritual.
If you don’t think it’s even possible, then you’ll never try it or develop it.
Higher consciousness and brain function is the enemy of these wicked conspirators.

Earth spirits are assholes, so that is a factor, too. Quite a few paranormal spirit encounters tend to always be negative. You see a ghost, he doesn’t say hi or try to help you, he does insane terrorism shit on you. Spirits are mostly of a psychic nature, and to resist their mindcontrol, you need to have a strong conscience, and an advanced consciousness. As of now, morals are used to control people and make them useful, although destroying someone’s morals is also done in certain sorts of military, spy and slavery instances.

The “spiritual” is secluded to submission to various demonic illusions and forms of mass-insanity : that’s what theism is like, now. You must all worship and serve whoever, and devout your souls to them. – then it eats them later or possess them or whatever.

The truth about psychism is this:
Your mind is energy, so is your soul and body. You use energy all of the time.
You should be able to sense energy, and control it, beyond the automatic and temporary functions of an animal.
The demons and reptiles and greys are all as psychic as fuck. They don’t want you to be, because that makes you harder to control.

Ok maybe you’re going to say I’m a nut. That they aren’t all out to get me… Well news flash, most species want to use, control or consume everything that they can, no matter who or what it is. Sharks and tigers would definitely want to get you if they knew where you were. A hungry human would want to eat them, too. Sure you can say the world is a beautiful place, but as soon as you get hungry [maybe 4 times a day] it’s probably time to kill someone… oh but it’s an animal, it’s not a person, so it’s ok. Same logic existed for a long time between one religion and another, between one race and another, between one class and another, and besides this, how nice do you honestly think that the hybreds and the aliens are? They’re fucks and so are you, especially if you don’t understand what I said in my OP. If you could learn how to control a horse’s mind enough for it to serve your purposes, you’d do it. Oh that’s not training that is a form of mindcontrol and you should know that.

The place where you are perceiving things from is not a nice place… I have been there - I wonder if we ALL pass through there during some point in our lives, but I am glad I was only passing through as it’s an unpleasant place/experience to say the least.

Ya know, I do sometimes miss seeing things from that (instinctual/basal) angle though… :confusion-shrug:

Perhaps it’s part of human/psychological growth…?

I find it interesting that this is where a lot of the mainstream conversation concerning occult practices has been focused on. Every thought, idea, and consideration is a distortion of something. I believe this particular thought to be a distortion of the true and full sacrifice of the self to the divine. The mind likes to create little details (entities, aliens, monsters, and other scary stuff) to “fear” itself out of this submission and inevitable annihilation. It’s quite understandable.

This makes absolute sense to me. I’ve never disagreed with any monist view of reality, it definitely makes more sense than dualism.

Quite possibly, or that could be counter-counter-intelligence used to make you fear the inevitability of what you are. If you go around fearing the greys or demons/reptilians, Draconians, etc., then its quite likely that you wont develop yourself beyond for fear of infiltration or interaction with such entities.

I suspect that the divine does not necissarily want submission, but instead it wants unity. Old things shed away and are replaced by the better, truer, closer things to the source of our own self. “Self” is an extention of creative forces, consciousness, and reality. In the same way that the physical universe has a core, wherein there is more energy, stars, planets, etc. Consciousness and lifeforce, and causality, also has a core. I might be wrong, but I’m probably not. There are many near-death experiences in which the person experiences an upward motion at extreme speed, until they reach a bright light of love, power and intelligence. They feel drawn to it, fulfilled by it, and they don’t want to leave it. Their mind is changed rapidly by it. Some people whom have to come back down again, after being exposed to this source, gain psychic abilities or healing capacities, or their cancer rapidly regresses, or whatever. This does happen, and they sometimes call this light “God”, though it does not say “I’m God”, not like a king or anything like that. There is no punishment or judgement at that level, because such things are dualistic nonsense. There is love, and wisdom, at such a great level, that evil, a biproduct of sickness, illusion and lacking, melts away by fulfillment and perfection.

Such a being deviates away from the christian concepts of an authoritative, separate, distant, even a wrathful “God” whom give’s commands. Well this source just gives, and you’re part of it, so hurting you is like hurting itself. I’m comfortable with calling this the “divine”, although “divine” is a word which has been bastardized, imo.

I am not suggesting that we fear all of these higher predators of the earth. But that we learn and realize, that we’re fucked, as a species, and we gotta fix it, because nobody else will. The government doesn’t like riots, or revolutions, or anything else like that. The whole system that we live in is based upon untruth, and if that untruth were removed : [loss of corrupt goverment, economic inequality, religion in general] well, nobody wants that. They’ve grown dependant on their own parasites. People will fight to defend the lies that they have been trained to accept.

Submission was possibly too harsh, but at the same time, that seems to be what is experienced. From our limited perspectives, we feel we have some sort of will, but if one really accepts the truth to the matter, we don’t. We delude ourselves, quite naturally, into this feeling of will we have, and it certainly feels as though in some respects we are free. As we grow spiritually though, we come to realize and have glimpses into the consciousness of what you are referring to as the “divine” I believe the center you are referring to is very much this holistic place of which we already reside, but yet we have separated ourselves from. It is a place of no dichotomy or seperateness. Only pure connection, what I consider to be love.

Oftentimes I think it is important to deviate from such limited views of reality, ie. religion. It’s not that you can’t practice, but one must either go all the way out of religion to reach the divine, or either go completely and all the way in. Both of these movements are the same in essence, as the initiate will arrive in the same place.

It appears, at least to me, that we can find an issue with every piece of reality as it exist to us separate from the divine. In fact, it is my understanding that in order for separation to exist, there must be some issue with what ultimately, just is.

We easily and naturally find various problems to be solved and struggles to be grappled with what is occurring around us. Our need to analyze and understand what we are, what this existence is, is a clear deviation from simply allowing life to be as it is. This struggle is what separates us from the center or divine. It is a turning away from the static acceptance that lies beyond our individual selves, which lies in union with god/the divine/or “the all there is as fully realized consciousness”. As long as we discriminate through a limited consciousness, we inevitably experience the fear of things we can’t change.The fear is actually the result of insufficiency. We are alone and “fucked” as you put it. Not as a species per se, but as a being who is choosing separation and struggle instead of the acceptance of all things as they are.