psycholinguistic experiment online


For my doctoral research I’m looking at how people process
language. I’m running an experiment on-line, which I thought might be of
vague interest here. If you you fancy taking part, please click on the URL
below - I would very much value your participation as it is hard to find volunteers :smiley: .

It should take about 15 minutes but only works on Internet Explorer though - sorry - don’t flame me… :blush:

Best wishes,


Helen East
Trinity Hall / Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics
University of Cambridge

damn, I really wanted to take the test, but English isn’t my first language.

lovely experiment. Good luck


Thanks for taking part! Smooth - you can do it actually even if English is not your first language. I’m hoping at some stage to compare native speakers with non-native speakers, so you are very welcome to have a go.

If anyone else has time, I’m still looking for more data!

Ok, thanks again, and thanks also to those who emailed me feedback - will get back to you shortly…


Hi Helen,

I’ll be trying it, give you some more data to work with!! Hope you find the answers you’re looking for.

That was interesting. I hope you have an opportunity to share your results. It was fun to be a participant in your experiment. I also hope that you get the results that you predicted! That always makes experimental work so enjoyable.