psychological paths

We make choices, we live them.
my hypothesis is that there are fixed amount of paths that the psyche is able to choose from. Once a path has been chosen, it has to be followed through to the end - there is no turning back. It is however possible to choose a new path after the first one has been walked.
Of course in any defined set the paths will overlap, there is no definitive formula, no “Thingness”. But there is a certain superstructure - the architecture of the physical psyche, the nervous en endoctrine systems, the organs, and all other functions of regulation, sustenance and stimulation.

Once a set of processes has been set in motion, the processes, occurring in different functions, will seek a way to mathematically interfere, a path of of least resistance. This is the so-called “Path”, of which a finite number is possible.

The quantative proportion of the effects produced by the functions would be more or less determined in any combination. For example: If function x is operative beyond a certain percentage of potential exertion, it will need the activity and control the level of activity of function y, which can not rise to that same level of activity, and cannot dominate other functions. Function x needs to resolve itself before control can pass over to function y.

I hope this makes sense so far. I will come back and read it later. Now my function calls me to activity in another proportion.

Without an example series (path) it is difficult to take this anywhere, however, I would like to discuss your idea anyway…

If one chooses a ‘path’, and one must complete the path, surely there is only ever one path? Until death.
Or, supposing there are multiple paths, then it only becomes apparent that a path has ended once a new path has begun. Thus, to say that there are a fixed amount of paths to choose from, presupposes that there have been paths that have ended. Can you give some examples?

I see, so the paths overlap - meaning that the paths are arbitrary, meaning that there is really, the ‘path’ and it is divided as and when it seems appropriate.

Do you believe in free-will? Or rather, do you think your choices are not determined by the path you are on?

So actually there is one path, which is many functions etc.

As I understand it, you are saying that for every function, there is a power function which controls the function (I have taken the liberty of changing the original X into X^X and Y to X). This still doesn’t suggest a multiplex of paths to choose from: It really seems to be deterministic - one path, and choices on the path are controlled not by the psyche (X) but by the power set of the psyche (X^X), as in, the world, or even… the “path”, dictates the psyche’s choices.

No, if one must complete a path is is not said that one can only complete one path.
You could see childhood as a path, for example. Not that this is what I’m saying, but you get the point. Or more simply, an education, or literally, a path, a journey.

Yes, indeed. Phases of development. I guess education and travel would come most close to describing this. A certain experience, which can be seen under one ‘banner’, one theme, which, upon completing the path, has been incorporated.

I’m not saying they overlap completely - just a little, in the sense that they all deal with this body, with this earthly life. The type of experience and the context in which it is experienced are different.

I think free will is at best approached. Yes, choices are determined largely by the path one is on - by the goal that path poses. I think there is a measure of relatively free will once a path has been completed, and a new path can be chosen.

Once the path has been set foot on, there is only that path. Only one, yes.

No, nothing of this suggests multiple paths -
that is actually just an assertion, based on how I see ‘human life’.
I see people on different types of paths, and I’ve decided to think in terms of a fixed number of them.

Let me give you some examples as you requested -
from bodily awareness to a sense of creativity
from bodily awareness to an intellectual comprehension
from bodily awareness to a sense of emotional well being
(these are I think basic ways of trying to come to grips with the given of life - i.e. paths one takes when one starts to become aware of ones character and native position)

Then from a sense of creativity to intellectual comprehension - etc (the prior three combined)
which is a maturing of the spirit - but with these options also other options come in - I would say, ethical, worldy functions
from creativity to a kind of ‘bestowing virtue’, worldly participation, in the sense of art
from creativity to a knowledge of the self -
from intellectual comprehension to the self,
from intellectual comprehension to worldly participation, a sense of constructing the world, science

From a sense of self to constructing the world (I would say that’s kind of a political mission)
from a sense of self to bestowing virtue…

Etc ect.
These are just some possible (imperfect) ways to formulate specific paths. Does any of this make any sense?

No, I reject this whole thesis.