Pubilc Debts - The Truth

Pubilc Debts - The Truth

The reason why public debts (and private debts ) and debts in general keep on balooning all over the world mostly is simply because there is no other way to distribute money in a Modern Technological Economy that doesn’t need workers and work and labor anymore. There is no other way to distribute money than creating debts, creating mostly fake jobs (government jobs, military jobs, financial jobs, services and education and health care related jobs all creating fluff and make believe necessities and so forth) and then after fighting over how to distribute that money, who is “wasting it”, who or what is not needed (government workers are an excellent target for this, an easy target, but no one targets the hugely bloated and useless financial industry or education industry or bloated beyond belief of the health care industry and so forth).

The problem is labor can’t really be “created” much anymore, no matter what you do or how you slice and dice it: the technological economy optimizes away labor, all kinds of labor, the huge economies of scale, the energy and information and transportation and other large scale global networks and automations and research and so forth get rid of labor, actually target labor in all possible ways, actually all the talk of research, technology and innovation “creating new jobs” is the most obscene lie and contradiction ever: these activities exist exactly to eliminate as many jobs as possible under the form of “cutting waste” and paying people is always a “waste”. Labor created as “people needing the activities of other people” flies right in the face of technology as technology tries to make people as independent and free as possible: of course you can tune the technology so as to create dependencies (what is actually done by MS and Google and Apple and so many others, etc.) and hence the “need of other people” and their “labor, services and presence” and so forth, but this is an arbitrary imposition, masking the fact that people needing people must be forced upon and is not a really natural outcome of technology and so forth.

Hence governments, politics and all kinds of social forces intervene “arbitrarily” outside of the imaginary perfect “market forces” (that never really existed) imposing and forcing money distributions in all kinds of arbitrary ways, for all kinds of arbitrary reasons to all kinds of arbitrary people for no reason at all, but hugely debated, every lobby trying to convince everyone else of how "needed "and “necessary” their puny work is needed, how they are not a waste of money compared to someone else and so forth.

And so the debts and public debts needed to pay for these non needed jobs - but mostly people keep on increasing, pension costs (the “liabilities”) keep on increasing and so forth: and when you really actually need something then those costs can be put up as high as possible like housing and health care making believe that it is a necessity for those prices to be so high, but really masking the simple play of forces and inequality of power represented by those prices (simply people fighting each other with money).

So the USA has 10 trillion dollars of debt and JAPAN has 4 trillion dollars of debt and the EU has 5 trillion dollars of debt and so forth: that is the measure of how much excess capacity a technological economy generates, how much free wealth is generated, how much money had to be arbitrarily distributed to keep on paying people so as to not let the economies become third world and dirt poor.

But all the talk of reducing debts and waste and killing government jobs is really a hidden agenda to simply redistribute that money in a different way to make some groups or persons get a bigger piece of the pie by taking it away from others.

Are you really going to cut a trillion dollars of debts ? that is equivalent to killing 50 million jobs or so, so now which jobs are you going to kill ? who are you going to punish ? who is the bad guy wasting money and the good guy not wasting money ? (for me the health care mafia would be the first I would burn to the ground and kill all of those jobs no doubt but anyways).

Then there is this imaginary common good ideology, this imaginary “healthy economy” theory that good economies are competitive, are research and innovation oriented and “create jobs” and that those economies doing bad are “morally wrong” and at fault for not being competitive and “creating jobs” and so forth: another false theory and ideology brainwashing millions, making them believe that there are really objective measures for the economy when it is all simply a power game, a war of forces, a war between people wanting to get a bigger piece of the cake, there is no morality in the economy, no right way or wrong way to do things, only fights, agendas, politics, conflicts and wars and nothing is really generated or created only everyone blaming everyone else for “wasting too much” and being a waste and so forth.

The solution would be to accept that the Technological Economy has changed the nature of work for good: work and labor is now mostly obsolete; of course jobs are still needed, activities are still needed, but the number of jobs needed compared to the number of people needing a job will keep on being ever more imbalanced, there is no way that millions of jobs will ever be created again, this is the truth, the job creating myth of the 20th century is over and done with, those jobs were created in the 20th century according to that level of technology, population and so forth, that is all over and done now.

So instead of creating “debts”, just change the name of what you are creating and don’t call them debts anymore, be honest and simply give out millions of free salaries to all and call them with their real name: HANDOUTS, FREE SALARIES, CHEAP RENTS OR FREE RENTS TO LIVE, and get over this stone age conflict saturated environment where everyone wants to declare war on everyone else because they “don’t deserve a living” and so forth.

Be honest! but can Man reach this level of maturity ? not with this stone age contraption in his cranium, so crack open craniums and stick wild symbols in it, change the way it works, eliminate the free will conflict circuits and change the brain styles and so forth…


Also, a very important corollary: the debts must be paid back in some way essentially, so goes the standard economic (BS) theory, but in order to pay it back the “Economies Must Grow”, the Debt to GDP ratio must decrease, that is the GDP must grow and so lower this ratio, but GDP growth means economies become richer, have more money, this is why all the stooges in Europe, the USA and JAPAN (and most of the world) keep on repeating, like broken records, like robots, like the total idiots and clowns they all are, that we must “Spark Growth”, the “Economies Must Grow”, like obsessed (and always blaming this or that for the “low growth”, the workers, the economy “not competitive enough”, the education level, the not enough innovation and so forth and so on) wishing on a star, wishing in miracles, since this will no longer ever happen and if it does the growth will always be minimal as anyone living in the USA, EU and JAAPN can testify, jut look at the standard of living in the last 20 years in most of these places, etc.

So the higher the debts means the more “guilty” (the morality police) the economies - societies - countries are of “Not Growing Enough”, since the promise of the last few decades was, oh, you can make all the debts you want, we will increase our GDP, aka become richer and always be able to pay them back, since we had so much GDP growth from 1950 to 2000 (never mentioning how a true exception that era was, how incredible it was that so many luck chance pieces contributed to such a long period of economic growth in the developed world making them go from undeveloped to developed, etc.).

So now the DEBT/GDP ratio is 100 % in the USA, between 80 to 170 % in the EU according to which failed and bankrupt state you consider, and 200 % in JAPAN or so they say (can you even believe all of this economic BS ? I have a hard time giving any credit to any of this “Standard Economic Theory” BS at all at this point…), that means that these economies must grow and grow a lot in order to decrease that ratio, something totally impossible!

It is like a person who has greater expenses that the salary he takes in but is always hoping to get a raise, some automatic miracle raise that will make him pay it all back again. But why should he get a raise ? why should these countries grow, if growth is over and done with for good for most of these old, saturated, conservative, decrepit stone age mentality entities that are nostalgic of the great 1950s and 1960s ? why on earth should anyone give them raise if they are worth virtually ZERO, since the value of people, economies, civilizations and the entire human race can always be assigned arbitrarily to anything you want, the value is simply given by what the more powerful force in a transaction assigns the other side ?

So now keep on chanting that the Economies Must grow and “Create Jobs” (totally idiotic) and so forth, never looking at the truth square in the face: the party is over, now give out free salaries and cheap rents to all and cut all the BS!

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They just need to create more ‘artificial wealth’ [is that what it is?] for the third world, and in a manner that fits the logic – so to say. e.g. fits the story being told.

There is no artificial wealth, only power struggles, distributions of money representing wealth and so on. A Technological Economy generates tons of REAL WEALTH which has no way to be distributed since people “Must Deserve It”, hence the distribution of money is always a conditional, always dependent on some arbitrary value system, some arbitrary “reason” to distribute it, someone deciding (and thus having much power) who or where or what money will be distributed to who etc. All the BS language and politics and so forth that all the economists chant about like workers must be competitive, or cost too much, or we need more innovation and so on is simply a secret code saying that money will be distributed only if certain conditions, aesthetic conditions are achieved, according to what fake, arbitrary, almost moralistic model countries and economies follow.

But mostly money is distributed because a “Profit Must Be Made”, hence the huge worldwide real estate price inflations and overconstructions that occured in the USA and Spain and so forth: the only reason why the homes were built was because the prices kept on increasing every month, homes in Spain tripled in price in 6 years (they tripled in Italy too, only they still don’t notice it, they still can’t see how insanely high their home prices are compared to their puny salaries), in the USA they sometimes doubled (flip that house! TV shows, etc.) and so forth, hence the “productive forces” of a Technological Economy are activated and can freely express all their power (just like in the last world wars, only now we have even more power). Also a huge Credit Bubble appeared, meaning Free Cash to all, hence subprime loans and this too is a result of the power of a Technological Economy generating trillions of dollars of extra cash worldwide that doesn’t know how to be used to make a profit, hence through the worldwide banking systems, got loaned out to all the poor fools in the USA and Spain so that they too could “buy a house”.

Now in Spain they want to demolish thousands of buildings (they have hundreds of thousands of new empty homes (that always cost too much compared to the puny Spainsh salaries), and the buildings are quite nice looking, take a look at it with Street View Google Maps) hoping to make the prices “go back up again”, not noticing how insane the whole ball game is. Creative Destruction and it will increase the GDP of Spain as destroying wealth and breaking things up counts as a positive just as much as building things up, go figure…

We are actually too rich to know what to do with ourselves, a Technological Economy generates real wealth, can build millions of homes easily, can give it out to all for almost free, we just can’t wrap our heads around this, hence we create the debts mechanisms, and the profits mechanisms and we make everyone play the game of who is winning against who is losing, who is gaining cash to the detriment of who else, all a poker game etc.

The greens say that some externality is paying for this free wealth generating technology, the climate, the environment, the limited oil in the ground we are exploiting once and for all and so on: I tend to not believe this story line, yes, some of it is true, yes there are limitations, yes, there are problems, but they can be solved somewhow if we want, the real limitations are all psychological, social, political, stone age brains reasoning according to systems that have completely changed. Just look at Peak Oil, they have been warning us for decades of oil ending, we now have a glut of energy, gas, wind, solar and so forth, I see no energy limits here: maybe the only real environmental limit is the CO2 in the atmosphere and global climate change, this may be a real danger, but anyways…

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Yes it does seem ludicrous, the idea I assume, is that rebuilding creates work and work = money ~ even though you have already lost the same product by knocking it down.

To be critical; why would they not want to distribute the wealth more if there were loads of extra cash? Wouldn’t poor but resultantly richer people still do the lowest paid jobs [they would just be worth more] etc?

Hmm maybe housing prices etc would rise creating inflation, subsequently that lower proportion [the lowest paid] would always end up in the same position.

So its all about position?

I think sometimes people imagine the poor as a bunch of people who want food, housing, and warm clothes. Which is true as far as it goes, but they also want diamond rings, fancy restaurants, and yachts. In other words, everybody wants everything, and things cost what they do because not everybody can have everything. So if you give poor people money, they don’t become happy poor people, they become not-poor people (i.e., people buying rings and yachts and whatever).

Point being, handing out money to the poorest people doesn’t do anything except set the prices of everything higher, because price is an expression of the fact that there’s not enough of something to go around no matter how much numerical money everyone has. The way to truly help the poor is with infrastructure and advancement that pushes up what the rich people have access to, and by implication pushes down the cost of what rich people had access to 10 years ago. Which is what we see- the numerical division between the rich and the poor continues to widen, but the quality of life division between the rich and the poor continues to narrow.

IN other words, I’d rather make 10,000 a year in a world in which cars and video games are dirt cheap because rich people have flying cars and robots, than make 50,000 a year in a a world in which that 50,000 guarentees me bread and water. The numbers really aren’t important.

But that is the point: there is way more than enough of everything to go around that everything should be dirt cheap: millions of empty homes worldwide, thousands of empty McMansions, etc. there is a glut of stuff, homes, and the potential to build enough for everyone (with millions of idle hands unemployed worldwide, you could build everything you can imagine for all 10 billion people in a year, bar none) : but the mentality, culture, the need to be unequal to another, the need to force another into need makes the prices of the BASIC needs sky high, as high as possible, just because, as an expression of power, as an expression of forced, make believe, arbitrary inequality just because, because people like to be unequal to others and the power that gives them so forth.

The case of sky high health care in the USA, sky high home prices in Southern Europe and so forth is a fake, make believe, arbitrarily assigned price that needs to be high in order for a richer class to make money off basic needs, there is no structural or objective reason for this, there is no resource scarcity or no “not enough for everyone” operating, just a forced situation: actually it is the other way around, there is a glut of homes in Spain, so much so that they now need to demolish thousands of buildings hoping to prop up the prices, how does that make sense according to the Standard Economic Theory that always wants to make you believe that there are real objective measures and reasons for economies that do bad and “do not grow”, when in all truth it is all BS excuses.

In fact the economies are doing bad because they cannot employ and build everything for everyone, the real potential is there just stifled, put on hold waiting for the prices to go up or some mechanism to create a profit to pop up again, aka higher prices and so forth.

But a Technological Economy has a deep problem: it can easily build and saturate all markets with all goods (thousands of empty homes in Spain, and don’t even get me started with China, a glut of buildings beyond anything ever seen on earth!) can create a huge amount of work for a few years and then there is nothing left to do anymore since it has all been built and achieved (a billion cars can easily be built if wanted and so forth), hence it generates way too much wealth way too easily to know how to mange this new situation, hence it is in crisis mode constantly, always not knowing what to do, total chaos and instability, the Technological Economy flies in the face with all of the stone age, 18th century “hard work” mentality all the BS economists talk about, infrastructure means nothing, can be built by the ton loads as had been done in JAPAN, yet JAPAN has been stagnant for 20 years, or so they say, I don’t believe in anything anymore since JAPAN seems to be way richer then so many other countries that seemed to have always “grown”.

Even a simple old fashion 1970s or 1980s equilibrium where prices where at least in line with salaries would go a long way to “solve the crisis” (even though these social - political -cultural problems will never be solved as Man is Problem by definition).

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