Purity & refinement: can't they get unhealthy?

The dark side of purity & refinement:

  • White sugar.
  • White flour.
  • Perfectionism.
  • Shame.

Some things are unhealthy when they are too “pure” or too concentrated.

Do you think that when people set their moral & spiritual goals too height, it will become unhealthy & unnatural? What religions do you think are “too moral”?

Is this a serious question? You can’t be too moral. You can’t be too spiritual, and even if you are and it has bad effects, which it usually doesn’t, you will be doing good, a greater good, and you will be helping others other than yourself in the process. But at least I’m glad you’re admitting Spirituality and morals are pure things. :slight_smile:

I’ve known more than a few persons who grew up in an overly “pure” moralist home, and that’s too much pressure placed on kids of that age. The grew up to aquire many mental and emotional complexes, as most morality is a suppression of human-nature itself.

Like anything else, moderation moderation moderation.

A person who is truly refined practices all things in their proper measure – those who take ideologies to extremes are usually correcting for a failing on their part.

Foley and his condemnation of child pornography, anyone?

I believe there are beings that are living right here on earth that are “pure” in thoughts, in love and in action. How do I know? That’s a very hard question. But they seem to materialize when you need them the most.
I don’t know of any too moral religion. I do not belong to any church but I consider myself very religious.

Eating meat is a sin.


Such a moral can be sustained, but we are omnivorious thus such a moral is unnatural.

But, if I said: eating non-meat is a sin.
I’d kill off my moral believers and have noone left to fallow my law, eventually, as now it reaches the health-breaking-point.


Pushing any concept to its’ extreme produces results that are, well, extreme. Are you asking about the results of extremism or why people seem to need extremism?


I think it’s important to note that even if it is possible to become too moral, there is no present culture in any danger of this.

What I’m not sure of is,

If Pure, is meant as Good, and this is what we strive for, how can too much striving for a fully good thing in itself, ever be bad?

To say something is bad you must know what Good is. An approach to explain some morals as bad when in extreme, you must have an idea of what would be better, if extreme is the goal for your belief, you are fulfilling that no matter what bad results may follow, it’s a overall Good.

Read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Purity is, all too often, naive. It needs to be tempered by experience (which is generally considered impure)

The pursuit of perfection is the pursuit for the absolute – Something/Nothing.

In each case it is an end to all acting and becoming; it is the end of the possible – impossible.