Putting philopshy in practice

I’m not real philosopher. I came I touch with it while putting my life on track. And the thing which struck me is why the ideas of philosophy didn’t find there way in, in everyday life (except for examples like communisnm and pragmatism). The basic idea of ‘what you see isn’t the real thing’ (is this "Menno’ or ‘the cave’) doesn’t get to the minds of ‘everyday people’.

Your thoughts on his?

I think you are asking the distinction between a philosopher and a non-philosopher. I have a simple anwser for that one: a philosopher is totally devoted in being an outsider of the everyday world, at least in the reasoning sense, if you know what I mean.

No. Every human, which uses his brain now and then, philosopies (excuse my englisch). But the smarter ones can make put there philsophy in practice. Who wants to be an outsider? You must have a conection to the real world.

“(excuse my englisch)”

That’s not even english. Man you’re worse than me! :wink:

No, obviously I didn’t make myself crystal clear. I agree, nobody want to be an outsider. But outsider in what sense though?

There’s an old saying that goes: in the belly of a mountain, you can’t tell what’s the mountain’s entire face. Thinking about philosophy, you canot not drag you out of your normal self, your normal life, in this “normal” world, otherwise, you’ll just come up with “normal” stuff. Please don’t say that being outside means completely detached, 'cause we all know that no matter what we think, we look at what’s the “normal”.

To add to Pureasonist’s answer:

Philosophy is a “conscious” activity—philosophers heighten their self-awareness, and their awareness of things not just in their mind, but things that are out there. And in doing so, they get to “see” other perspectives besides the ordinary, daily way of thinking about things. There is an obvious thinking, meditation, or consciousness that does not normally happen spontaneously or without intending to.

Hi Tuihu, A couple of reasons why deeper philosophical thinking “doesn’t get to the minds of everyday people”

ENQUIRYING MIND: To appreciate philosophy requires a particular mind set. One needs an enquiring mind, a hungry mind, a mind that is fascinated by searching, enquiring and thinking. I believe this mindset is a talent or gift that most people simply don’t have.

TIME AND SPACE: I believe thinking is a luxury in our fast paced world. Thinking requires time (and space, alone) to study and ponder. Time and space is something few of us have – because we have chosen other priorities.

PHILOSOPHY TO GO: Many people have already bought (or inherited) a spiritual/religious package that comes with a set of instructions and a list of frequently asked questions. Like a package tour, this takes the hassle out of your spiritual/intellectual journey AND saves you time and money.

Primarily people want comfort, security, certainty and happy endings not philosophical theories.

Nietzsche comes to mind when I consider the criterion for philosophical thinking.

“He is a thinker, that means he knows how to make things simpler than they are.”

Not only is this relieving us of our right and duty to make promises, which we certainly don’t want to do when not everything is known, it allows and qualifies all levels of thinking as philosophical. I imagine that there is as much philosophical activity going on in the mind of a child as there is in an adults, for example. Everyone initiates some amount of philosophy if they are conscious. The degree and importance of the matter which one contemplates is not determined by some ultimate scale of complete knowledge, but rather the personal activity of the individual within his/her own capacity. Nietzsche the existentialist has once again given everything to the individual. How can you not love him?

“We are honey gatherers. We like to ‘bring home to the nest’…”

Ah. Everyone means well, how can they not, busy as you are collecting honey from the same flowers, you charge them for tyranny? Rubbish. Philosophy is beyond good and evil and the perfect philosopher, who has yet to come, will have no contempt for man or busy bees.

No offense will be taken to the confused man who strikes at me…he’s got his reason, he collects his honey just like me.

No longer am I concerned with blaming an individual for their beliefs, no matter how selfish they appear. I ask now only that they hold their beliefs with some conviction and stand by them. That they make it artistic and catch my attention is enough.

Enlightenment starts at the mouth and ends at the toilet…

Hell, I thought it sounded deep.