Puzzle 2

I think a few of you might enjoy this…

In a corridor, there are 3 switches. At the end of this corridor, theres a room with nothing but a lamp in it, but the door is closed. How do you find which swtich is connected to lamp entering the room only once. (note: you can turn the 3 switches on/off as many times as you’d like)

hmm… i know that one
i hope no-one spoils it, it’s a nice clue :slight_smile:

First I enter the room… when I walk out I leave the door open, and then I flip the switches to see which one turns on the lamp. Please tell me thats not the answer :stuck_out_tongue: but it is allowed by following your rules.

well no its not the answer… but its a code for u to crack so no need to have played smart ass :slight_smile:

so reformulating my question, without being able to test the switches after the door is open.

Assuming you can’t do the obvious – like leaving the door open (Rounders suggestion), sending someone inside to call out, doing it a night in the hope of seeing reflected light under the door etc, or reading the i.d. tag under the switch, calling the handiman etc (which by the way, I don’t think are “smart ass”, but very sensible), I’d probably try to find out by playing around with the power box? There doesn’t seem to be any restictions on checking out the power box switches.

Ummmm… somehow I’m not getting the surge of ego-generated chemicals I normally get when I crack a code……

[ADDED]I’ve just reread willems clue… he says “i know (no?) that one (1?)” and “no-one spoils it” ??? [/ADDED]

Three switches. Turn the first one on for 10 minutes, then turn it off. After, turn on the third switch and go inside and check, If the lamp is off and warm, it was the first switch, if it is off and cold it is the second switch, if it is on it was the third switch.

Doh! No wonder I didn’t get a blast of ego chemicals… :frowning:

Hey - you did better than me, I was going to walk into the room, pick up the lamp, and take it outside with me… :frowning:

Here’s another conundrum to confuse and bamboozle your punny minds…(now did I spell that correctly - clue :wink: )

James Bond is stripped naked, given a violent enema, a purge, x-rayed and cat-scanned - he has nothing but the molecules he stands up in. Then he’s thrown into a cell. There are 4 walls, a ceiling and a floor - all poured 1m thick re-inforced concrete. After he’s chucked in, they knock him out and seal the door with more 1m thick concrete. It sets hard while he’s out. No windows, vents, etc. - completely featureless…

He wakes up and all he sees is a table - a nice bit of oak, with Queen-Ann legs, and a saw - bog-standard stainless-steel with a riveted hardwood handle.

Being James Bond - he’s out of there in literally minutes.

But How…? :astonished:

Obviously his friends save him and then rush off-stage… but thats all behind the scenes…you wouldn’t want to view Bond as helpless.

Well you didn’t spell “puny” correctly, however I have difficulty imagining that to be a clue… or a very good one in any case.

One could always take the philosophical way out (or at least a familar path for many guys on ILP, refrencing previous posts): that the room is a figment of his imagination, he got wasted with some girl and woke up with a hangover on a pretty table.
The lamp one was easy, but this question is out of my puny-minded league.
If you can’t beat it, mock it. :wink:

Bond takes the saw.

Bond saws the oak table in half.

Bond takes the two halves of the table.

Bond puts them together again.

Bond creates a whole.

Bond escapes through the hole.


  • ben

Bravo Monsieur Ben(d),

S.p.e.c.t.r.e. is defeated once more, and Blowfelt (plus cat) slopes back into the shadows…

Set a Brit to catch a Brit… :smiley: