Quantum Entanglement got Practical

Looks like doubts of the validity of Quantum Entanglement theory somewhat got put to a much more rigid state of rest by recent accomplishments in the Niels Bohr Institute lab.
They have accomplished entanglement of entire atomic networks for a length of one full hour.

That’s a bit more than just two atoms for a fraction of a second, which was previously the standard.

A PDF with allot of the detailed information regarding the study can be found here if you have a subscription:

Here if you don’t:
arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/100 … 4344v1.pdf

And the official press release can be found here:
nbi.ku.dk/english/news/news1 … records/

Now to get some Helium3 refineries on the moon and crank up some He-3 powered quantum networks. Mmmmm, the future.