Question about Hope

if u hope for something and it doesnt happen, but the whole time u stay hopeful only to be dissapointed in the end, is that better than not staying hopeful so as to avoid hurt and dissapointment?

If you want to be a failure then stay down on the ground after you are beaten into submission.

If you want to hope, then learn what it means to stand back up and take another beating.

screw hope.

sitting around waiting for fortune to miraculously bestow goodies upon you leads to decay.

work for something and it will happen.


It depends on what you’re hoping for.

I’m with Smears, it can’t be one way or another.

For instance, if you take someone that is interviewing for a job that believes that they have no hope whatsoever of getting that job, then the person will likely interview poorly and not get the job.

On the other hand, if you have someone that is extremely hopeful that they are destined to hit the Powerball and sacrifice putting bread on the table in order to purchase $200 worth of Powerball tickets for every drawing, then hope probably isn’t doing them a whole hell of a lot of favors…in most cases.

Hope, as with dreams, have the potential to hollow you out, as their beautiful landscape becomes your soul residence and your real life atrophies.

They also have the potential to inspire, to drive you onwards always attempting to attain them, to realise them in the world.

Not that the latter is fundamentally better than the former, depends on the hope really.

So, take your pick, without hope what can you achieve? About as much as with hope alone.

I don’t think hope is so much “expectancy” as it is being open and aware to the possibility of something.

Sometimes perhaps our hope is not based in reality but in illusion so what we hope for may not come to us. And this is when we agonize. And yes hope can inspire and spur us on and I think we still have to have a realistic outlook too.

Otherwise our “hoping” only leads to futility. I also believe that we can hope and then at some point, we need to detach from that hope and from the outcome. I think in a sense hoping is like worrying…it only goes so far and no further…there is nothing much we can do. We do what we need to do and the rest will or will not take care of itself…so no need to hope nor worry.