Question about Sole Proprietorship in PA … vania.html

For the business I want to start, I know PA doesn’t require a licence. I’m like, extremely poor right now, but already committed, started buying my equipment today… so no matter what, legal or not, I’m going into business. I’d just prefer to be legal if I can.

So in the beginning, I won’t even use a business name, jyst my own. Can’t afford insurance in the beginning, cause that costs money (we will see once I get money), but what Im doing is very simple, hard for it to fail, so think I’ll be good for the first few months.

So, if I operate out of my car, and live across the border in another state (will not operate here under any circumstance, my competitor knows me and may try to kill me if he finds out, very unstable and jealous) what are my legal responsibilities? Do I have to have some official looking piece of paper?

I am of the understanding all I gotta do is go on Tax Act once every quarter and file taxes, and at the end of the year, and if the IRS wants to audit me, so be it… my reciept box will be in the trunk along with some very old fries, thry can go crazy over the stuff… I’ve seen a audit before, it doesn’t scare me if my job is so simple and transparent.

I won’t use credit, or hire a employee, just me.

So my understanding is… its just my name, no official business licence if its a sole proprietorship, so I have no proof other than a craigslist ad and a business card, and I use my ID if the cops ask for a official looking piece of paper, right?

Is there a Office of Jumping Through Legal Hoops thats going to demand I pay $500 up front to the State Attorney General before I start that everybody but me knows about?

I cant find any evidence for muninciple taxes/licences. I think I know the state sales tax issues.

I just remember a homeless guy started waxing shoes in San Francisco, he needed $600 dollars to get a room, saved up enough for it, and that’s when some suicide liberal came out and said he had to legally register his show shine operation or be arrested. Nobody told him what forms to fill out, and the fuckers took the whole $600 bucks he saved up! Whenever he asked for help to know if he was doing his forms right, or had all his forms, people said to get a lawyer. He had to stay homeless a additional month just to be in the legal clear.

I really don’t what the Buttfucker Taskforce to nail me for doing this wrong… so this is literally I gotta do… just keep my receipts for the first quarter, register them via a online tax service, such as tax act… and I’m legally in the clear, right? Ninjas aren’t going to descend from a helicopter and cut my dick off upon being called in, with Nancy Pelosi in the copter saying “Thought you could escape me now, didn’t you!”

For the kind of work I want to do, I don’t think I can easily mess it up, I choose it for it’s simplicity and idiot proof ease. No risk if fire, etc. Everything is portable, no need for a special education licence.

But government always has a way of fucking you over. I dunno.

A real american doesnt care if he follows “government regulations” or not, turd, and when the IRS comes on his property demanding an audit, they find him sitting on a rickety front porch in an old rocking chair holding a shotgun. A real american doesnt ask how he can cooperate… he tells em to get the hell off his property of he’ll fill em full of buckshot.

And you wonder why we bombed your kind during WW2.

You need to hire an attorney and an accountant of you’ll end up screwed.

can do without an attorney, but not insurance.