Question for atheists, agnostics, non-believers, etc.

When asked if you believe in God, do you simply say “no” or do you say, “it depends on the definition of God”?

I say “no”.

I love the easy questions.

I normally say “no” because I live in America and within that context “god” is almost always used to describe the Judeo-Christian conception of God (even when it is rendered using Deist language).

But where the definition of god is in question, I will clarify. For example, I think there were Japanese Emperors before 1945.

Now if I were to ask you what you mean by ‘God’ when you say you don’t believe in God, how would you describe it?

I say “i don’t know”.

I say no, and have in mind any supernatural thing, or process, or supernatural whatever.

I simply-say: “First YOU define God to me, and THEN I will tell you whether I believe in your notion or not…

Leave it for the stunted-minds of Christianity to chisel their “God/Santa Clause” into stone. HTH will say…

HTH: “God = Love”.

Original: “Then define Love.”

HTH: “Love = God.”

Original: :-s :-# =; #-o :unamused:

Wow…those are my only two options?

Personally I say, “Yes”.

And then to every following question, “I don’t know”.

I don’t see the point in, on a day-to-day life, annotating the specifics of that idea.
If someone wants to assume I mean their God, or some great-evil-of-humanity-in-their-mind’s God, then fine.

If someone asked me if I had money, I would say, “Yes”.
That doesn’t mean I spend it the same way they do, or that I even have the amount of money they are thinking about when asking that question.

I say: “Who is God?” … and await a definiton… usually after the definition is given, I say “no”.

I know of no coherent conception of a god that is not metaphysical. I don’t recognise metaphysical entities as real.

I do also think that there were japanese emperors, however.

I used to think there could be a conception of “God” that transcends the biblical worldview. But if “God” is simply a synonym for “love” for instance, why not just use the word love? The word “God” necessarily has a lot of baggage. So where I used to ask for a definition, thinking myself a nice accommodating kind of person, recently I’ve begun to just say no. Though I try to keep it a curious-and-openminded kind of “no”, rather than a mind-shutting-down kind of “no”.

The question was meant for non-believers. Not for those who would answer the question with a “yes”.

Unless you don’t have a problem misleading someone with your answer, it would behoove you to ask for a clarification of the term “God” if someone asks you whether or not you believe in it.

Here? Sure.
In regular life?
What’s the point?

Regular life isn’t a forum of discussion and most people you meet don’t want to have a discussion on Religion; they, at most, want to tell you about their religion or hear about yours (either so to tell you about theirs, or because they are looking for something their religion lacks).

If someone asks for specifics, they’ll be sure to get it, but if they just want to know if I believe in God, then they’ll hear what they want to hear.
I merely mean, “Yes”, because I do believe in God.
I don’t see the point in expanding on that since it’s a straight-forward question and answer.

I’ve encountered the same type of responses from Christians. Or they’ll do something like give a long drawn out response using a bunch of Christian figurative language and/or make references to the Bible. If Christians really want the lay people to understand their belief system, then why don’t they make a more sincere effort to explain it in a way that we can understand?