question: lost thread

where’d that thread with the stuff go? i saw it yesterday and lost it! i’ve been looking for like twenty minutes on every forum in the site but i don’t know what it was called…

Its still in Rant House. Its called “Where’s my steak”

aha! thank you very much.

Speaking of Lost, anyone catch last week’s ep. Craaazy man!

What’s with the hatch coming to life all of the sudden and what’s with the crazy lightshow?

Man, I love that show. :slight_smile:

I think it has to do with the others, remember on the film they found, they were told not to use the computer as a communication device, whats his name the guy with the kid, that the others took off the boat , used the computer to answer what he thought was his kid typing on another computer from the other’s lair.
I think that may have something to do with it.
I have missed one or two shows though, I don’t think I will miss this weeks show it looked interesting and I want to find out about their prisoner.

Perhaps it does have to do with using the computer incorrectly. But that raises the question of what the computer can potentially do. That’s rather scary. My friend thought that the lights resembled a map.

As for Wednesday… I’m stoked! I want to know if they’ll kill the guy or not! Ooooh… its all so very juicy!