I would like to ask one question here : I do not know whether anyone heard of the “Book of Changes”?

What do you want to know about it? Assuming you are talking about the Yijing/I Ching.

MagnetMan seems to know more than I do, but I have a cursory understanding of it. Some of the best Yijing experts we had have left the forum in recent times, though.

I like to hear you on the “Book of Changes” evaluation

Well, I think that as a metaphysical basis, it is a great idea. It is a strong base for process philosophy, recognizing that everything is always in flux. Additionally, the book is literally packed with symbols. Since the world is constantly in a process of change, static representations are ultimately invalid so it becomes important to represent the ever-changing reality through symbolic representation of the ultimate unity of existence.

That’s my take on it, with heavy emphasis on the thinking of Yi Yulgok and some Wang Fuzhi.

I think Hegel also inherited the “Book of Changes” thinking.

“Book of Changes”, in fact, the whole idea of the universe, things that are linked to one another, linked individual and overall, In Taoism, biotechnology is a small universe, and corresponds to a large universe

I used to consult it for all sorts of reasons, using the traditional casting of sticks method, including once to find out if my missing cat was still alive! #-o

I got over it, and suggest you do the same :slight_smile: