Does the word happiness mean anything to you?

Happiness means nothing to me.

Personally-speaking, I would go ask a woman.

I view it as a transitory part of life which helps with the well being of someone. Those times are the balance of living which adds salt to the bitter periods of our existence. The word itself is just a representation of thought like the other emotions we experience. Those emotions are the essence which define our metaphysical place in the world and are congruent with one another.

yes, but i do not see it as some end or goal necessarily

now, ‘content’ - this word i like better, less confusion with respect to my interpretation surrounding the whole idea

and if there is a goal, then it is fleeting and is called equanimity - for me this marks the end of happiness

Figuratively speaking happiness means everything to me.

Happiness is not a goal, but the emotional byproduct when a goal is acheived or the thing which uplifts someone.

i know i’ve learned a great deal from my suffering

indeed far too much to make my happiness my everything

what’s your take on suffering, RU?

Maybe suffering makes us appreciate what happiness we do get in life. Suffering after all does give one new insights into life.


if you think about it, how else can we know our happiness if not by comparison to our suffering?

the two notions define one another

Listen to Aidan; he’s correct.

Life is suffering.

Here is my addition:

Life is suffering … if you are a man.

Women are not made to suffer, because the physio-mental stress of suffering can cause them to terminate pregnancies of their own volition or even otherwise. In other words, biologically-speaking, women were not made to ‘suffer’ as we know the term. Therefore, women have no experience of true suffering, rather, it is more superficial. For example, a knife can cut my skin, and although I may feel the sting and the pain, I will not say that I suffer the wound of the cut. So, this context of “suffering” is not what I mean by the concept [suffering]. The concept is deeper. It is more profound. It is a depth of existential anxiety that consistently puts you on the edge between life and death, where you question your motivation to do either, to live or to die, to assimilate or die.

I see this form of suffering as a “nihilistic rite of passage” so-to-speak, that all boys must take to become men. Cultures and social groups express these rites differently. Different societies have different qualifications for what makes a man “a man”. Once the bar is surpassed, then things become more clear regarding “happiness” and “suffering”. What women and children know of “suffering” is superficial. I mean, think of when a very young boy or girl falls of his/her bike and is bleeding. The fear, anxiety, and pain that touches them can be purely-overwhelming if they are ‘sensitive’ to life. Not all children are born ‘sensitive’. Some are born ‘insensitive’, already dull to sensations of life. This is a genetic trait.

So, regarding “suffering” in general, I see it as a non-superficial form of pain, a deeper pain, a deeper anxiety. It is closer to Death than it is to Life. It is the part of Man that is the Warmonger, who revels in his bloodlust. That is suffering, because it is far-removed from Life and everything that Society comes to value. It is solace, whether it feels ‘good’ or not. Sociality hates the Warmonger, but without him, there would be neither societies, nor cultures, nor civilizations. The completion of this ‘suffering’ then is the venom and contempt that exists between Sociality and the Warmonger. Each is compelled to hate one another vehemently; they are abhorrations of one another. But both are necessary. Few people can bridge this gap and come to a mutual-understanding of both at the same time. And this is what causes the severe discrepancy between “happiness” and “suffering”, a classification between “feminine men” and “masculine men”. I see that ‘contentment’ or ‘indifference’ is that bridge between them, but either of these concepts cannot be faked. If you are content, then you truly are content.

Are people content if they must speak to one another, like I speak with you now? No, that is not contentment. Silence is.

of all that, this alone i could agree with

though i very much doubt that you and i understand silence in any similar way

but i guess i am not as deep as you, RU

Oh dear, here we go again.

It’s probably best if you stay out of this one Pan; God knows your girly-little feelings mustn’t get hurt.

Does it bother you that you and the other girls have no way to defend yourselves against what I say, except through another man championing your ideals?

Maybe if you offer enough guys sex, then they can all gang up against me and use their collective-reasoning powers to disassemble what I say.

…a warm gun.

I’ve never cared to think that I was happy at any given time, or that I wanted to reach a state of happiness some time in the future, because ‘happy’ is an adjective that has no significance for me. I want things, need things, lack things, and I feel good when I have the capacity to get them, the power. When the power to satiate my desires increases I feel good, but I wouldn’t call this happiness…and I guess it’s because the term connotes like a mummified state of emotional existence.

Calm down, real, I was referring to O.P. I didn’t even read your post on women. Jeez!

Oh okay, my bad then.

Happiness is a warm gun.

Actually, true happiness is a warm BFG666.