Hi, I’m new here but… I have a few questions that you might be able to help me with…
I was raised Christian and was always taught to believe in God, but my parents never went to church. Still, I have always had faith that God existed. Lately I have found myself doubting the existance of God. I really don’t want to doubt it - I try to believe but these little doubts keep getting in the way.
Some main questions I have are:

  1. How did God get there in the first place? When I would ask my Dad he would always tell me “God was always there.” I don’t believe that is possible. Everything must have a beginning and come from somewhere, you have to start somehow. What I want to know is where did he come from?
  2. Why won’t God give me a sign that he exists when I ask him? If he exists and wants people to know and believe it, then why doesn’t he make it more obvious? It’s like some sort of secret. Why wouldn’t we have more proof?
  3. This isn’t really a question, but the whole concept of God just seems so difficult to accept. The ideas and things from the Bible are so radical you have to be at least a little skeptical. The more I think about it, the more it seems like God is just something that people made up because they were scared. They didn’t want to accept that there is nothing after death, so they created this fantasy to comfort them. They just couldn’t bring themselves to accept the horrifying truth. I find myself thinking that this is the reason I believe in God.

I know that I’m young and don’t understand many things yet, but this doesn’t stop me from having questions. Please believe me when I say that I am NOT trying to start an argument. I just feel very alone right now, and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me find an answer to these concerns. I would like to believe in God again, I really would. But I feel that I can’t with these questions getting in the way.
Thank you very much -

Don’t believe myself, never have, and if god existed I think it would be necessary to abolish him lol…

BUT I think if someone does believe, well in order to believe they CAN’T actually KNOW… because that would be certainty, not belief.

So the essence of faith is having no proof, no sign. I believe it was Kieregaard who said that first but I’m not sure…

Think he said you have to make a leap of faith into objective uncertainty, that you can’t be “not sure”, you either have faith or you don’t.

Of course that sounds like a tacit admission that He doesnt exist… lol.

Don’t believe in God. You’ll end up a pro-life, homophobic republican. :astonished:

You of course have to make the decision for yourself. My view has always been that you can never know God. God is unknowable. Why should you believe something you will never know? Sounds like madness to me.

Check out a thread I started here. That’ll hopefully help.