Quiet g/f

“Shall we go to the cinema tonight?” I asked my girlfriend.
No reply.
“Shall we order a pizza?”
No reply.
“Shall we have sex?”
No reply, though the answer was certainly yes.
“Shall we go shopping tomorrow?”
No reply.
“You’re quiet tonight, aren’t you my love?”
No reply.

We had sex. When it was over, I cleaned the ‘love piss’ out of her, deflated her, and put her back in the cupboard. I slept alone in my bed, shivering, and irritated occasionally by leakages of residual love piss. I dreamt about her. I dreamt her rubber stop got stuck and I couldn’t deflate her, so she had to be stored thereafter in the bathtub. I urinated on her while she was in there.

That’s it. A typical romantic night in the life of me. I’ve learnt, via these experiences, that although love can be quite good fun, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

You’re so British.


Thanks peeps.

[size=75]I should point out, gurl, that many Brits have “normal” (ie, non-repressed) sex lives. A fair old amount of sodomy is performed every night in this country, for example.[/size]

Very nice…