Rable & babble

Welcome folks
its feb 24th 2003
And here is the top ten posters
Judged by the number of posts they have made

Please wait untill the end of the list before applause but remember we will have a applause break after #3

@ # 10 we have Brad the Philosopher
he hails all the way from South Korea

brad joined us on 20 Jul 2002
he weighs in at 196 posts
out of the totals he is 2.08% of the total
he makes 0.89 posts per day

in # 9 we have Skeptic the Philosopher
skeptic is known for his odd head sig/avatar icon
Skeptic hails from Atlanta Georgia, USA

Skeptic joined us on 26 Oct 2002
Skeptic weighs in at 222 posts
out of the totals skeptic is 2.35% of the total
and makes 1.82 posts per day

@ # 8 we have Louise the Philosopher
I always thought her sig was a strait jacket till i saw the elephant perhaps im the one with needing the strait jacket
She hails from London, England

Louise joined us here on 10 Apr 2002
and weighs in at 264 posts
out of the totals Louise is 2.80% of the total
and makes 0.83 posts per day

in # 7 we have CBA the Philosopher
CBA Hails from New York, USA

CBA joined us upon the 29 Jun 2002
CBA weigs in at 274 posts
out of the totals CBA is 2.91% of the total
and CBA makes 1.14 posts per day

@ # 6 we have Pangloss the philosopher
Pangloss has a love hate relationship with a perticular Resturant
Pangloss Hails from UK

Pangloss joined a fine day that was the 28 Mar 2002
Weighs in at 310 posts
Out of the totals Pangloss is 3.29% of the total
and makes 0.93 posts per day

in # 5 we have BEN the leader of this merry miscreants
he is listed as Philosopher and likes some one named stan
Ben hails from Isreal at the moment but flirts with Europe occasionaly

Ben Is older than dirty since he joined on 03 Dec 2001
Weighs in at 328 posts
out of the totals he is 3.48% of the total
and makes 0.73 posts per day

@ # 4 we have a Philosopher named HVD
HVD is to ben as Ed mcman to Johny Carson
HVD hails from the jolly ol England

HVD Joined 22 Jan 2002 and nobody has been the same since
Weights in at 356 Posts
out of the totals he is 3.77% of the total
and makes 0.89 posts per day

in # 3 a not so shabby fellow named ME(BluTGI)
He am listed as a Guru and hail from the Boondocks of North Carolina
he has no Avatar and made this comment about the situation “Im to sexxy for my avatar…”

Blu joined on 04 Jul 2002
He weigh in as and i quote “a 9 as a sex simble with 406 posts”
out of the totals he is 4.30% of the total
and makes 1.73 posts per day

applause break(whoops and hollars at this time are useable)

Runner up in this shabby Top ten is
Macca he is listed as comrade
his intrests are being pick axed by angry cheerleaders and practices this often.
Macca hails from “the sticks” and loves his homeland deeply

Macca joined 10 Dec 2001
Macca weighs in at 431 posts
out of the totals he is 4.57% of the total
macca makes 0.98 posts per day

Finnaly we have the King of sexy, the winner of this top ten
the pimp who pimps the most
Magius the Magnanimous
He hails somewhere in canada but not targetable at the time of this missl… his interview

Magius joined 07 Jun 2002
Magius weighs in at a STUNNING 813 posts
out of the totals he is 8.62% of the total
and makes 3.09 posts per day


For those of you who wish to make it to the top ten keep posting
For those of you who want a recount blaim ben its his forum
For those of you who want me to learn to spell i say its my post and i dont have to spell if i dont want to dont spell if i want to you wouldnt spell too if it happend to you! :stuck_out_tongue: