Rage Against The Machine

(For all you RATM fans out there…)

the bombtrack is all about killing in the name of god,
so settle for nothing,
take the power back,
put a bullet in the head before you know your enemy,
wake up,
with a fistful of steel,
in a township rebellion of freedom…

darkness is in the year of the boomerang…

the people of the sun are like bulls on parade,
and while they shout about vietnow carrying revolver pistols,
the snakecharmer is starting to tire me in a down rodeo,
and without a face,
the wind below would roll right into the year of the boomerang…

zapata’s blood screams fuck the police,
where in the darkness,
we still clear the lane…

are you gonna be the one to testify on guerilla radio?
are you gonna be calm like a bomb with your hand at the mic check?
there’s a man who sleeps in the fire,
dead now but not forgotten on a front cover of an album -
born of a broken man,
born of ghosts,
if he were catholic he’d scream the name maria with the voice of the voiceless,
but you’ll still be in your new millenium homes,
watching the ashes in the fall,
just like a war within a breath…

darkness is in the year of the boomerang…

i am the microphone fiend with a pistol grip pump,
and we’re ready to kick out the jams like renegades of funk,
yet though it’s a beautiful world i’m housin’ in my eyes thinkin’
how could i just kill a man,
and i see the ghost of tom joad down on the street
like a street fighting man from maggie’s farm…

and in the end there is no shelter…

because darkness is in the year of the boomerang…

Nice weaving all the tracks in there. God knows I could not have woven that together better. It didn’t sound too forced at any point.

I was listening to a few tracks and just felt compelled…

ha, i love RATM.

are you a socialist?

LOL… what made you think that? I might as well be anyway… check out my Socialized Anarchy thread in the Social Sciences forum.