'Random' Tunes

Hi all,

This morning I woke up with a song in my head that I had not heard for around 10-15 years. For those Aussies out there it was “Click go the shear boys” believe it or not. What on earth could have prompted this song to enter my consciousness? I have thought back over the last few days and nothing unusual has occured, and I have not experienced anything, that I am aware of, that could be related to when I last heard the song.

Any ideas/theories?

It could be related to a dream… ?

Possibly, I can’t remember any details of a dream last night, but that is hardly uncommon. If it was related to a dream I guess that begs the question, what caused this song to appear in a dream after so long a time of not hearing it?

On a side note, Paul McCartney claimed that the song “Yesterday” was in his head when he woke up one morning. Having dabbled with a bit of song writing in my time, I have also woken up with tunes I have never heard before in my head (if only they were as good as Yesterday, dammit :wink: ).

I find this subject very interesting, i.e. what are these strange brain processes that occur when we are unconscious?