Rational Egoism


According to a slightly modified version of this, any self destruction or even self waste is the essence of irrationality.
Likewise, self improvement, at its finest level, is rational.

The majority of people that ask me for money are mentally handicapped canadian indians. Some of them can barely talk. It’s insulting. They are probably on AISH and spent all their month’s money on drugs, and alcohol, and now that’s my problem? No.

Why should you take that as an affront? How does it reflect badly on you? I think if anything does, it’s your reaction.

“(A gentleman) will show his goodness in the kindly consideration he shows those less favoured than himself. It is the way one treats his inferiors more than the way he treats his equals which reveals one’s real character.”

Of course, many TPNs would scoff at such, but they generally don’t have the broad shoulders and grace to spare on those less fortunate or capable.

Man, that’s a screwed up reply.
What can I say next? It’s ok to blame people for being drug addicts and alcoholics. They made their choice.

Reason can only take you so far, emotion will carry you the rest of the way. People will never care or fixate on others the way they care and fixate on themselves, it’s evolutionary biology, more than that, it’s common sense 101. No amount of “philosophy”, unempirical rationalizations or religion will change that.

I did not realize that until later in my life.

I don’t see the need to take them on as a burden or the need to see them asking for Money as insulting. You don’t need to blame them for being addicts or give them Money. If you really Think you need not give them Money, then it should be the same as Walking past someone who wants to sell you something you do not want or a petition you do not want to sign. If they call you a fuck face for not giving them some Money, that’s insulting.

What’s screwed up about it? I’m just curious why other people’s misfortunes affect you so negatively. I mean, you’re talking about mentally handicapped people - did they make the choice to be handicapped too? Are they as much to blame for their subsequent choices as everybody else? The general consensus is no - a mental handicap is a mitigating factor in many moral considerations.

You don’t have to defend anything, I just think it reflects poorly on you as I read it, and I’m curious why you feel that way as it seems out of character with the impression I have of you.

I’ll take a moment to respond to that question.

They effect their family, their friends, their country, etc. Drug addicts also provide resources to gangsters.

Their parents made the choice to reproduce despite being unfit and low end.

That is part of false morality. Taking sides with beings suffering, no matter how or who.

To you, maybe, but not everyone will think what I say reflects “poorly” on me.

I don’t want to start any ****. I’m not going to have kids. I’m not going to attack people. But I can smell a bad person from a mile away. They’d love to have enablers giving them money from all directions. The sicker they are, the more innocent they get, according to a morality that I think has effected you.

To clarify, I believe in conserving health. It’s a lot like conserving money. If a country tried to defend everyone on earth from injustice, that would directly equate to war, since the injustice people are probably armed and will fight for their cause. Any real empire needs to be modest, and not try to protect outsiders. This is a principle on a macro scale, but it also applies to things on a micro scale. If you protect a stupid person from the world, for example, you’ll probably be taking hits for them, especially if you try to protect them from abusive family members. Then there is the issue of how parasitic humans are, even cannibalistic. They rarely show their true colors. People try to look good 24/7. As soon as they have pain, that is merit for their deserving to increase. That is not conservation of health.

Dan, I think it’s an attitude thing that’s jumping out at the reader, here. It’s perfectly possible to have some understanding of others, to not be so judgmental, for your heart to go out to them… without it necessitating liberal policies. Despite all evidence to the contrary, it’s perfectly possible to be a compassionate conservative. Or moderate. Or liberal. Don’t fall for the idea that jerks practice “tough love”. They don’t. Don’t be a jerk.

Am I valuable when I don’t sacrifice my time and life for others? Or do I need to buy my value through giving things to the poor, sick, needy, ignorant, etc. Any deficiency? Does deficiency mean that they deserve “help” in any way? Most of the drug addicted street people have either no family or bad family. Their parents made the bad choice of reproducing despite how they were probably going to produce rotten fruitage. They basically acted immorally, not acting in the best interests of their young, or in the best interests of the human species, and also it is immoral to extort money from systems just to waste them on drug induced highs and the numbing effects of alcohol.

Are you implying I am a jerk because I want to conserve health?

You’ve missed my point. Why feel insulted? Why can’t you have some understanding regarding how you ended up one way and others ended up another way? I said very specifically that this doesn’t mean that you must act a certain way. You don’t have to give money to a begger to prove that you are compassionate. If you think it’s better for them, society, or both to not give money… then don’t give money.

Everyone was caused to be the way they are, either help them be better or leave them alone.

That happens an awful lot on forums.

I wasn’t sure if you were calling me a jerk or not so I asked.

If you don’t blame people for things they are involved with, they will generally pull more crap stunts.

Are you saying my appearance is not compassionate enough?

If you think leaving them alone is the best way to help then that’s a subset of “help them be better”.

Isn’t that simplistic?

Dan, I’m saying that you seem bewildered and offended by something that need not bewilder and offend you. I’m trying to help you see this, in order to help you free yourself from this kind of mild misery.

It seems like the complexity you add to the situation is feeling insulted and angry at the beggars.

My mild misery is integrated with my whole thought process. If I stop feeling mildly revolted at these indians, I might start to side with them. I don’t want to let that happen. They want me to side with them. They want and want. A lot of people are wanters. They want the world to suit them.

Let’s talk about something else, too: Why is a bear or a moose worth less than a human?
On a regular basis, a awful lot of people prioritize their group, their self, their desires, their species, over and above the ecosystem, the planet, the other forms of life, the other options, etc.

It’s tempting for people to accept the modern standards for philosophy and morality, even if the makers of that moral code are dead and highly hypocritical.

I don’t like the idea of being born into debt.

Not all I said is relative to your statement, but it’s relative to my present mentality.

The majority of the ones I’ve seen are bad people.