why did we go there in the 1st place, and what is the reason/rationalization now?

please forgive me if im beginning to get on your nerves, but i beleive that i was being too vague in my other topic.

What is the reason for your ebonic thread titles and gigantic font?

Oh…and iraq was and is purely about oil, of course.


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okay, so, if its about oil, then w/ the war costs and all, wouldnt it all just cancel out? what are we to gain?

…or are you saying that well gain more by taking over their land? and is that what were trying to do?

Who said that the taxpayer/consumer need gain anything for the economic elite to profit from war and oil?

What do we gain? Jack and Shit.

What do companies gain for rebuilding Iraqi infrastructure, cost plus contracts? What do business leaders gain in buying formerly nationalized industries in Iraq dirt cheap? Economic control of a currently impoverished but potentially wealthy nation. What do politicians gain? More trips to exotic locales, deferred stock options, increased clout amongst the nation’s elite. Family members that flunked out of Boise State become officers in Multi Billion dollar corporations, ye olde song and dance. I scratch your rocket, you scratch mine.

What can we do about it? Don’t bother voting Democrat, they are just as guilty. I suggest moving to New Zealand. Beautiful country side. The women, while not much to look at, are of low moral character, and a dollar still goes really far there.

Oh, leave embrace alone. The big font is typical of FM’s style of debate----to get his point across. My mon’s debating style is if she repeats it many times, it will be true.

Why did we go to Iraq? How does 90 billion dollar sound? The first company to get a contract in rebuilding post-war Irag is headquartered in San Jose, California—600 million dollars.

Now, let’s talk about post-war Iraq. This is an oxymoron. There is no such thing as post-war Irag.

Without oil Western civilization dies. Oil is like food in the belly of the being that is our civilization. It is the single most important thing necessary to our survival. Petroleum products are ubiquitous. If one must have a war then that’s a good reason.

Also, I think that we are have a culture clash as humans realize that their countries no longer have boarders. TV and travel have brought competing cultures into direct contact. Insulated and self-segregating cultures such as those in the mid-east are throwing their last twitching attempt to shake foreign cultures out of their hair and it won’t work. The West will win and you will see global America even if it isn’t called that. American culture is just too seductive to beat.

Anyway, the war is to wrestle natural resources from a group of primitive cultures that are not suited for a “one world” type of government. That’s how I see it. So, whether we are fight in Iraq or whatever, it is just a chess move.

We went to war just to piss off all you young liberals. And it worked like a charm, didn’t it?

If it was about oil, couldn’t we have just signed an under the table deal like everyone else? I’m sure not feeling any rewards in the oil department.

I think the war was just something he really wanted.

Oh and embraces are you wanting to speak 1337?


It was about daddy-boy obsession - family business… for Bush.

It was about world-domination - political business… for the Senate.

Where does oil come into this though? Economics of course. One only needs to look at what a pain in the ass that the OPEC has been for uncle Sam.