Real Men

  1. Historically real men are informed.

  2. Historically the realm of pop culture and sports has been regulated to women and children, respectively.

  3. These days most men are either obsessed with pop culture or sports, or they are people like you would find on a philosophy board: they spend all their time thinking of arguments as to why they shouldn’t be informed about things outside of philosophy.

In the sense that history would define a real man, there are not many around these days.

My grandfather was a real man. He drove a cement truck, he didn’t care for games, he always wore slacks, and he never went in the ocean.

Most people are sorry tools.

My grandmother was a real man.

See what I did there? I replaced philosophy with occultism!

What’s that saying about glass houses…?

In sympathy for the women, I have been preaching that for 20 years. As far as I can tell, it never changed the reality of it.
Perhaps if we tell them that they are too short. Maybe that will change them somehow. :-k

I’m not sure, but can I get a little leniency on the sports section?

I like to watch the second half of tight football matches and the occasional soccer match

I hope that doesnt take away from real-manliness too much.

“Oh, how they bring nature to you - without your having to ever leave the house.”

But can we be touched by nature solely in that way? :wink:

Nature is a primordial love affair. Every time I observe bird patterns in the sky, I getting that feeling that the sweet Baby Jesus is making spiritual love to me.

Real? :unamused:

So if I check eack of those requirements I have become a real man…smells like bullshit.

Dude it’s ok in this situation

posting stereotypes is always fun and appropriate for internet forums. O:)

Well. I have an degree in philosophy, and the occult is what lies after.

I think that because consciousness is so sensitive and flexible, it is very impressionable. Almost everything and anything will effect consciousness. So when obsessions occur, it is complicated. I will try to explain. In a media where everything is available, the most common general desires at least shape how media is presented, but also I believe this shapes content. For example, there is allot of porn on the internet, because it sells, there is a demand for it. Although I find the media superficial in our modern western culture, allot of people want something superficial. They want simple petty diversions, or something to fuel a most common obsession. Mass media in capitalism brings out certain qualities of human nature which are not the highest nor the finest.

When kids go to school, i bet if they could choose, they’d prefer to play instead of going to school and getting an education. I think grown ups are similar. They don’t really want an educational media, they want a play media. So I conclude that not many people want to be truly informed, because that’s less fun than the path of least resistance.

Now if there is someone who is going to preach and force-educate, it’s usually religion. Religion is the other dimension of the issue. Evangelical religions are specifically designed to spread and force-educate. Truth by itself isn’t very appealing. It’s neutral and unbiased. It doesn’t take sides. And in a corrupt world, the truth is kindof disgusting.

I consider your post truth oriented, even if you don’t say so.
Being informed is all about facts and truth.
But truth brings responsibility. Who wants responsibility?

We’ve only evolved enough to handle a finite range of things properly.

For some of these reasons and other reasons, I’ve ultimately decided that virtue and goodness should be forced, because other things are always forcing us around anyways. Might aswel push for something worth a damn. But in christianity, they say God doesn’t interfere with our free will. A god that doesn’t enforce virtue, goodness or justice. That leads to nothing but crap. There is a universal war between life and unlife. If we don’t take a certain position in the battle, we take the side of neutrality which is the path to purity and death.

I consider the last steps of philosophical completion are realism and morality.
We must deduce what is real, and what is good.

If occult was the next step after that, we would simply be looking for the more subtle forms of reality and goodness.

I’ve decided that although everybody looks human, they aren’t all human.
That is how certain ideologies were formed which in some times were worse than human culture, and were evil, such as child sacrifice stuff. Also this is how some spiritual ideas were far ahead of their times, detailing the nature of parallel realities and how they connect to the physical universe. This is also how certain ancient wonders were built. I remember one case where there was a blue stone set together in large amounts for a temple but the stone was almost as hard as diamond. No ancient chizzles would do it. That’s just one case. Ancient cultures do record some alien and extradimensional encounters.

So, occultism is culture of both super human evil and super human enlightenment.

Oh, nature certainly is. I sometimes feel that it and I are lovers…I at times feel so loved by it. But the baby Jesus? You may just be listening to too much gospel music. :stuck_out_tongue:
When I observe those patterns, I want to fly and soar with them. I have the sensation that I AM flying with them - freely.
And I do not take drugs of any kind. :angelic-grayflying: :angelic-flying: :angelic-grayflying: :angelic-green: :angelic-innocent: :angelic-blueglow:

I saw a real man once.
He scurried into the underbrush before I could snap a picture, now none of my girlfriends believe me.