Reality Bytes.

What is reality? Does a reality even exist or is it just a phantom imaginary metaphysical proposition created by people?

I have heard some people state that “reality” does not exist. What do they mean by that?

They can’t mean anything. It doesn’t make sense. It’s like saying , corn flakes housecatted the breeze on yellow. It’s words alright, but it doesn’t apply to anything that’s really out there.

I keep trying to tell everybody, “Reality is an illusion!” but nobody’s listening! :cry:


I don’t understand. Can you explain a little bit more for me?

How do people come to that conjecture?

Reality exists. There is some set of things which constitute reality, those things might be chaos and destruction, or they might be harmony and peace or they might be completely indeterminate due to the limits of our perception. But no matter what kind of debate about what reality ought to be is going on, the fact remains that reality of some kind exists.

I think I’m the only person who has made the conjecture, since I find little agreement for it.

Basically, because all of experience is subjective and sensical, people base ‘reality’ off of what we know through our senses. However, our senses are illusive when we try to comment on anything. We are consistently wrong about everything–forever ignorant, forever knowing nothing. So, our senses are illusive (through language). Therefore, ‘reality’ is illusive.

This is not necessarily true Smears–it’s an assumption. :wink:

That’s not even a real criticism. Come on man you can do better than that. Let’s start over and you build the case as to why reality doesn’t exist, and I’ll show you what it means to properly critique something.

Reality is an illusion: whatever we may think reality is, it is inevitably an illusion…

I’m not saying that reality does or does not exist–I’m saying that any claim upon it one way or the other is going to be an assumption until it is reasonably proven.

Rather than say, “Reality does or does not exist”, I’m making a different claim: “Reality is an illusion.”

What I am doing specifically is going straight to the ‘source’ of reality. It doesn’t matter whether it “truly” exists to me and my argument, I’m simply saying that if reality does or does not exist, then it is still an illusion either way. My definition rests on all assumptions and so it is the most logically valid statement that I can make or find about it. In a way, I’m attempting to go beyond existence in order to explain ‘reality’.

I can definately see why people believe this and sometimes I believe it myself.

( On the issue of reality existing or not I remain on the fence undecided and neutral. Hence why I made this thread.)

How is it not true that some kind of reality must exist?

I’m not making a claim about what kind it is. I’ve already stated that it doesn’t matter, because whether we have certainty about anything at all has no bearing on the fact that some kind of reality exists.

Were you even disagreeing with me?

Who is saying that it must and why should I believe this person?

In the context I used–no I wasn’t disagreeing with you; I was just explaining my comments in contrast to yours.

No one is trying to convince you that reality exists. I’m saying that if you’re saying that it doesn’t then I’d like to see just how that line of reasoning looks. You don’t have to ask someone whether or not there’s a reality anyway. I can’t envision a scenario in which a question like that would even make sense.

This is a mindnumbing word game. “Reality”, as we use that word in an epistemic or, usually, philosophical context, means “that which exists”. To say that reality exists, then, is to say “that which exists, exists”. To say otherwise is to say that nothing, including this sentence on this comptuer screen, exists. Neither are very interesting statements. It’s the kind of thing that that awful phrase “mental masturbation” was made for. Except that it is difficult to imgagine any useful idea coming from it.

Pun intended.

And Cyrene thinks that guilt can’t be unlearned.

i drink, therefore i am…

even if we dont actually exist that would only make our lives slightly more pointless…

existing, not existing… it’s all the same from our point of view…

Just because you can’t imagine a scenario where reality does not-exist doesn’t mean that it can’t not-exist. On the contrary, I can imagine non-realities quite well–death, unconsciousness, beyond consciousness, etc.

You can’t imagine unconsiousness or death just because you think you’re imagining them. You might be inagining something that’s not like them at all. Is this really where we’re taking this?

How come I can’t imagine unconsciousness or death? Do you truly believe that because you cannot, that I also cannot?