Reality is consentual

Reality is anything you want it to be
reality is plastic -it can be molded into anything you want
a tree could be a god
1+1 could = 3
a planet could be defined to be a ball of cheese
cheese could be defined to be something else
a cup could be defined as a small stool
a stool could be defined as a small table
the only thing that stops each of us from being defined as mad is that our reality is generally like others in our culture
it is an agreed upon set of definitions and axioms about reality
reality is consentual
any deviation from this consentual reality may require medical intervention by the other believers in the consentual reality

Intervention and concent don’t exactly fit together, and allot of socially “concentual” ideologies, really aren’t all that concentual at all… “Medical intervention” wasn’t as bad as the torture and assassinations that happened to the heritics, but there’s been no shortage of hate for anyone who operates out of the “concentual reality”, ae : people who do not submit to the gang psychi.

We all need to agree on a set of principles in order to have a coherent society. Reality is what you make of it but the less you agree with your neighbors the more problem you will have functioning in their society. We all like to think that we’re individuals but that’s not true in a general sense.

If we all sat down tomorrow and decided to disbelieve in the sun…it would still be there the day after tomorrow.

I’ve been trying for decades to make the remote jump to my hand via telekenisis…and it never does…and it never will.

That would only be a problem if the neighbors were too mentally inflexable.

We’re all mentally inflexible when it come to things that we value. The more we value it, the more inflexible we are about it.

That’s a quick and easy disproof of solipsism. Now you know that the sun and the remote really do exist, because if they were only thoughts, your mind could unthink them or control them, etc. And they would not exist when your mind was not around, also.

What this would mean is that the reality which could not be controlled by human thought, and can exist without mankind, is the true objective reality. But because this reality needs no man and cannot be controlled, people do not view it as being more valuable than what they can control, so that a slave-as-subject appeals generally more to the sheeple than an uncontrollable and free real-object. In this way, many persons love their fantasies moreso than they love real objects; they admire -value- as a feeling and an idea, whilst the natural neutrality and amorality of free and real matter is not appealing to their system of control-affirmation.

That sounds allot like a pathology, that a greater value causes a greater mental stagnation, and a larger mental limitation aswel as an obsession which makes change and adaptation all but impossible. So, this is the example yet again of what I keep on describing, that the values of the sheeple are slave-related, and that which entraps them in a certain way gives the greatest sense of security.

It sounds like I can agree to that. Herd mentality. Safety in numbers.

The cosmos is a reality where anything goes whether somthing is genuine or illusional.

There only exists limits when one creates them.

I disagree

the Universe has inherent limits

Yes but we don’t really believe in these limits.

why ?

why though is not a cup simply a cup ? why make something more complex then it needs to be ?

plus what else can make a hydrogen atom other than , one electron and one proton ?