Realization of the Logical Proof for the Super String Theory

Mark my words folks–a few moments ago, in our shared space & time, I have realized (made real) the logical proof for the Super String Theory.

Science’s failure was their believing that science-itself could answer the ultimate question of the universe’s physical laws, but they are desperately mistaken!

Only philosophy can answer this question and the theory has now been answered by me, but definitely not me alone. (I refer to all your guys and gals’ contributions of course, and the entirety of my life)!!!

In the months to come, not only will I post how the Laws of Identity and Contradiction are pragmatically invalid (through their own systems of logical rules), I will explain and describe to everyone how the Super String Theory is “made real” by my theory of a subjectively-objectively unified experience of the world by human animals…

P.S. Forgive me ahead of time that I cannot provide more details right now as I post this.

P.P.S. The Super String Theory can only be realized through a combination of interpersonal values, relational to science-philosophy-(religion/spirituality) in extremely specific ways. In other words, if you take me seriously (which by all means, you are obligated not to), then you should do some serious thinking about your own thoughts on science, philosophy, and religion and how they exist compared to other people’s thoughts on those categories.

Looking forward to it!

Unoriginal, I have only one question.

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Get a bigger mouth and try again.

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That does seem to be your modus operandi.

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