Really want to see those fingers.

I seem to be having a really odd problem at the moment and it is probably me being dumb but I can’t seem to find a thread about maths problems that had some mad monks thing in it and a prisoners dilemma. I want to answer their contentions at some point, 'cause they probably thought I ignored them. Suffice to say can someone link it so I can. Explaining why I can’t is probably not necessary but it might help me to stop being such a tard. :slight_smile:

Is it this one?

Good luck with that…

Oh come on if you are going to insult someone try harder. I am a tard, calling me one is hardly an insult! :smiley:

Yes it is thankyou muchly. :smiley:

Did you know that for threads you are interested in you can hit “Subscribe topic” - wich is at the bottom of each thread page, on the left.
Then when you want to find it you can go to “Under Control Panel”, and list your subscribed threads.

Damn I just worked out why. Ok apologies I am a tard. And yes I know that, but that would not have solved my blondeness issue. I should dye my hair blonde in penetance to my stupidity. :angry: