Rebellion and Free-Will

It has become clear in this recent decade, that almost none want ‘Freedom’, “to be free”, or to have Free-Will.

So why then do the overwhelming majority of Westerners claim to value Liberalism (Liberty: as Freedom) and what do they mean by it?

Firstly, what Westerners mean by Liberty/Freedom/Choice is Consumeristic and Commercial. After undergoing the dauntless television ‘programming’, heavily influenced by Sigmund Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays, the subconscious mind of Americans, and thereby all other “Westerners”, automatically connects the concept of “Choice” with consumeristic products advertised on television. During the 1950s, 60s, and 70s, this television-commercial programming was overtly simplistic, designed mostly to tempt, seduce, and persuade the overly enriched American-Anglo White middle-class with convenient products and new homemaking technologies: cars, garages, white picket fences, toasters, ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, driers, etc. During this period of unparalleled wealth transfer, in the West, the infant and child ‘Boomer’ generation grew up in a world with infinite possibilities and positive, optimistic outlooks. Blacks, coloreds, minorities, were still almost non-existent in Mass Media and propaganda, but this changed more in the change of generations, from the 70s to the 80s, 90s, and then 00s. Essentially, your American/Western “Choice”, was what you could buy, relative to the White American Middle Class.

Secondly, what Westerners mean by Liberty/Freedom is the Abolishment of Negro Slavery. The American mindset toward slavery was and is purely ‘Racial’. And when Liberal-Leftist-Democrats today use the term “Racist” as a slur, it is projection of the not-so-distant past, when Western Democrats owned slaves, employed non-Anglo European immigrants, and created a racial division in America by which Negroes, Hispanics, and coloreds were never intended to cross: Segregation. Coloreds/Blacks were intended to be kept separate from the White Anglo Middle Class, despite being hypothetically “freed” after the Civil War. It always struck me as confusing and contradictory, that if and when Southern US black slaves were “freed” from their bondage, then why did they, and do they continue, to vote for the same Democratic party that originally enslaved them and kept them as farm labor, viewing them as animals and less-than-human? Why do these Democrat Racists, have the gall to call others “Racists”, when they set the precedent?

So now you understand Western Liberalism, in the context of “Freedom”, Choice, and Free-Will. You are “Free” to choose between Pepsi and Coke. You are “Free” to be a Consumer, to buy products and propaganda advertised through Western media. You “Freed” the American Negro slaves…who then continued to vote for their Slave-masters and KKK politicians (like Robert Byrd), for decades and centuries after. How is that ‘Freedom’ though? Are you really free, if you’re not actually allowed to enter the ‘White’ areas? Are you really free, if you are still segregated, ghettoized? Are you really free, if you’re unable to vote for other than those who originally put you into chains? Are you really free, if all you know of “freedom”, is what you can buy, and how much dollars you have? If your Western freedom is entirely based on money, how much you can buy and afford, and whether you can afford to live in a mostly-white Liberal suburban enclave, that protects your innocent world-view and naivety, then do you have “freedom” outside of such “safe-spaces”?

But we’ve all seen the answers haven’t we, on this very forum?

How many Determinist threads have there been? How much debate, and for how many years, decades? Are there any “Free-Willists” around, any Non-Determinists or Anti-Determinists? Anybody standing up against Determinism in the sense that it is purely Abrahamic, purely the secularization of God’s Divine Will and Manifest Destiny? Determinism…ironically the exact same philosophical system that binds together Western atheists and secularists, with Christians-Jews-Moslems-Abrahamists in general. So, what’s the alternative??? Is there one? If the Wester were truly “Liberal”, as it claims, then wouldn’t the Secularists at least pretend to argue on behalf of Free-Will, Non-determinism? But they don’t, and you’ve all seen it, and can no longer deny it…

…so why continue in this Charade, in these farces???

There are cosmic laws.

You can’t not exist.

In the human species I found a peculiar law.

Women will not accept a man who doesn’t escalate approach.

This causes the no means yes problem. It will destroy our species.

Two laws:

You have to exist forever.
This iteration of this species will die.

What you do with this information is up to you.

I personally believe that actual Freedom, actual Free-Will are very, very Rare in nature.

Like a cosmic event that happens once per decade or century, like a cosmic eclipse of events. Every once a century, or millennium, rare souls pop-up on Earth, from seemingly “out of nowhere”, who revolutionize the world in pivotal and impossible ways: Alexander the Great, Jesus Christ, Isaac Newton, Christopher Columbus, Elon Musk. These rare souls prove to the rest of humanity, that Free-Will is true, and the vast majority of people, of animals, simply do not have it. It is such a rare quality, that most people deny its existence, and so too deny “Free-Will”. Because again, the normal and average notion of Free-Will is Consumeristic (what you can buy), and Racialistic (who you can have sex with). That’s what the normies and midwits know of “freedom”. And they are self-proclaimed “Liberals” by the measure of these two categories.

But the truly Free-Willed are unbound by such simple parameters. They are moved and motivated by impossible ideals, well, seemingly impossible to the masses. Thus the first ingredient which separates the truly free-willed from the masses, is Imagination. If the masses cannot imagine something, then it is impossible to them, and so not a free option. These rare European souls have imaginations that do not seem to be ‘Governed’ by all the forces which govern the rest of humanity. Simply put, they are Unbound, Unrestricted, Unlimited in their mental faculties. And why shouldn’t they be? Consider the “limits” set by the masses, by the average, by the lowly? The rest of humanity is stuck on: how many dollars are in their bank account…and how much “pussay” they can “slay”. Wow…may you be remembered forever for your genius?!

I don’t really know yet what “causes” these rare souls to appear, sporadically in the history books. There must be a type of ‘undercurrent’ somewhere deep in the human genome, which causes it…a rare mutation perhaps. Some “Divine, Mystical, Godly” source of chemistry that causes such Ambition and Rebelliousness, the Revolutionary Spirit that defies all known, current, and ‘modern’ sensibilities. What drives this Rare Soul, often referred to as “The One”, or “Neo”? What causes His excellence? What causes His drive and motivation, risk-taking? Could it be as simple as…wanting to get away from the rest of humanity? Wanting to be Free from social convention, from the rat race? Free from the endless mountains of Lies? Or perhaps…to be Remembered, Praised, Adulated by everybody for all time? To be the epitome of warriors as Achilles was and is? Is it simply Fame, that this rare soul attributes to Immortality, for your Name to become remembered forever?

At the very least, these are the beginnings to knowing and searching for any potential Free-Will.

Thank you for proving my point, Ecky. Your mind is obsessed with Sex, a simpleton’s obsession.

It all depends on how you define words.
If you wish to dismiss free-will then you adopt a definition that makes both outlandish, or unattainable.
You define the words out of existence…to place them outside existence.
Just as they did with the concept of ‘god.’

Americanism had built its Empire of Lies around the concept of liberty - freedom.
When empires decline those born and raised under its ideals begin to lose faith in them.
They are alienated from what they believed to be absolutely true.
They lose trust in their own perceptions and judgements, and they lose trust in the certainties they held to be indubitable.
A reaction…seeknig in negation a new stability, a new certainty.
In this case they’ve lost faith in freedom…so unfreedom is where they’ve placed their faith - slaves.

Charlatans, like the Van Clan, use words to imply what they cannot justify rationally.
They worship Nietzsche - Nietzsche did not believe in free-will, ergo they don’t either.
Who then did he imply willed power?
And without self who is this entity that values itself or “self-lightens”, and other such word-games.
Notice the words adjustments, shifting from will to value to lighgten…but can be any positive term; any term with a positive insinuation.
They want to reinvent Christianity or Abrahamism, now that its version of god is ‘dead’.
An opportunity to sweep up all the lost souls, desperate for an alternative. So, philosophy, for them, is political.
What do they imply by Will to Power of Self-lightening, if there is no free-will and no self?
Divinity. Demiuge.
They imply that they are in alignment with comic forces. Prophets or Messiahs, offering a new kind of salvation to all those desperate, feeble, needy spirits.
They want to build a religion upon the ashes of the one that was burned down.
They are the “chosen ones” that are now acting on behalf of divinity, or fate…and what they bring is the inevitable.
They’ve read the signs, and they know what is coming.
Prophets of a spiritual rebirth.
Nietzsche becomes a prophet of their coming… and they are the Messiah’s awakening the lost to the ‘true’ words of the Demiurge.
Christianity was wrong…they got it right - they’ve read the signs correctly - returning to Judaism’s sources - Kabbalism - in Gnosticism.

It’s not a simpletons obsession.

It’s genius to focus only on sex.

I remember when I was going through puberty in grade school and started having hormonal reactions to women. I thought I had it made. I’d always see the men who made them uncomfortable and not use those behaviors…. Thinking, “well, these guys are stupid, obviously the women will pick me”

But they always went for the men who violated their boundaries.

This shattered my soul.

I knew that’s what will cause the human species to homicide suicide itself.

I’m a lot older and a lot tougher now.

The no means yes problem has sealed our fates here.

Women only pick men who will destroy the world.

It’s a law. The world won’t end because of the battle of good and evil. It will end because you’re all robots.

Ecmandon’t got destroyed when he realized women were attracted to men who exuded power…and not nice guys like him, who were willing to become carpets for them to walk all over.
Their genetic/memetic filtering agency could not be processed by his romantic mind.

It broke his spirit and he went bat-shit crazy to protect his ego.

His sexual obsession returns him back to the moment when he was shattered; when his naive ideals came in contact with the indifference of the real.
Instead of adapting, he broke, inventing alternate realities where his ideals still survive; a revenge fantasy he is continuously living out.
The multiverse refers to his shattered mind - compartmentalizing to survive in a world he despises.

It is a simpleton’s obsession.

Christopher Columbus did not sail into the uncharted Atlantic for a woman…unless, he was doing it to get away from one (his nagging wife).

Why don’t women have Free-Will, at least, compared to men?

Physicality is critical. The Rare Souls of history have mental/brain constitutions that allow them to do the great/historic things they have done. Women, by contrast, are hindered by their wombs, and their natural proclivity to have sex, have babies, and raise them. Thus, the male-gender is more ‘unbound’, unlimited, unrestricted, compared to females. Also intelligence, some human races have selected for great intelligence, which translates into capability. But intelligence alone is not enough. Courage is also a requirement, great risks require great courage. Explorers heading into the unknown, must have fearlessness and curiosity, again things which the normies/average of humanity, simply don’t have.

Women have free will, and they choose to surrender it to whomever they judge to be powerful.

Christopher Columbus rapes lots of Arawak women.

Actually, people have been coming to the americas for thousands of years. So it wasn’t uncharted waters.

But that’s beside the point.

Queen Isabella of Spain couldn’t find anyone brave enough to do the voyage…

So she used the prisons.

Convicted murderers and rapists in exchange for getting out of prison.

I don’t think you understand what you’re talking to anymore. I watched it.

My powers grow everyday.

I can see the future as well. This world will be destroyed by men trying to get sex.

Not me. All of you.

You’re projecting your own sexual obsession onto others.

Men who can easily get laid, don’t care about sex. To incels like yourself though, it’s a matter of life and death, hence your obsession.

An incel?

That’s the best you have?

I can force a woman telekineticaliy to have sex with me.

You can’t.

I’m the dominant species here.

You know what’s funny?

The people who have the most power don’t use it.

I’m not a pariah. I know what I can do.

You think everything is about power, dominance.

I’m remote controlling the entire earth as we speak to keep me alive. Here.

You don’t understand much of anything.

Why do you think I gave you my address?
My real name?

You can’t touch me.

Nobody cares. You are autistic, focused on and obsessed with yourself, in addition to your insanity/psychosis.

Stop sullying my thread with your whining and bitching. Stick to the OP or giiiit out!

I am sticking to the OP. I have freedoms you don’t.

And it pisses you off.

Power. True power.

You’re cracking Urwrong…. Is you cracking a sign of power? No. It’s a sign of weakness.

I’ll be fine.

Post your true name and address like I did.

I’ll protect you if you do it.

The most fit to survive don’t worry about things like that.

You’re paranoid.

You think if you gave your true name and address that people would come after you. They already are. I can borrow from your intelligence for a moment…

You’re too scared to tell me who you are.

I’ll even give you my phone number if you ask.

I have nothing to hide, and more power than you conceive.

You think I’m crazy. That’s just your basic defense mechanisms of a person without actual power.

You don’t even understand the small war being raised in this species.

“There is no difference between men and women.”

Real gods are waging this war to make everything undefined, so they can force their predilections on everyone with no consequence to them.

You don’t hold the whole cosmos in your heart like I do Urwrong.

I’m parallel processing all existence simultaneously and looking for the best moves against the beast in all of you. When you become the beast, the beast has won. The beast I refer to is the urge to have things go your way in a way that hurts others.

Know my spirit. I’ll send you to hell if you get in my way.

That is not an empty promise.

If you think consent violation is the purpose of life, I’ll send you there with a clear conscience.

No it doesn’t, piss me off. If you had freedoms I don’t, then you would have proven it by now.

Instead your mind is obsessed with sex, revealing your inner desires and intentions. You are limited by it, driven insane.

My obsession with human sex gave me access to everything.

I understood that the pleasurable exclusive access problem sends us all to eternal damnation.

I’m in the same boat you’re in … but I’m not letting us sink. I’m there to pull you out.

What are females? The sinking ship.

You’re still trying to call me an incel.

I gave you a life raft. And the best you can come up with are words like incel.

I’m actually an extremely charming person in person.
I just happen to think bigger that you.


…anything else? Take your meds, touch grass, stay on topic, or leave.

When females were “liberated” from their own nature - using masculine technologies. e.g. contraceptives and abortions - and when institutions took over the role of protector and provider - making biological males obsolete, or reducing them to surrogate females - marriage became unnecessary…
The consequence was the creation of all these radical males - un-iunvested in the system, and the future; seeking alternatives in sexual degeneracy; and relief in madness.

Perfect conditions for charlatans and pseudo-messiahs to exploit.