Rebirth vs Evolution

Hello, I want to ask is there afterlife and rebirth? I am a Hindu and Hinduism preaches there is rebirth according to past life karma, but if there is rebirth then natural selection and evolution seems to have no role…human is not the first or the last living being on earth, humans did not appear out of some miracle, we have evolved from primitive life forms like amoeba etc…so what was an amoeba’s karma to be born as a higher species and lateron develop into human? How can animals be expected to judge karma and have conscience to be born as human?


There is a reality show on Indian TV, first of its kind, where the therapist takes subjects back to their past life and treats them…subjects blurt out memories and events from their past life…for example one man was a british soldier, a woman was a guy etc…when tried to confirm about the validity of those memories and names, places and information blurted by the subjects they are found true.

Hello Renaissance, It seems to me that reincarnation theoretically fits quite well with evolution. For example, if an organism has produced healthy offspring and helped others to do so, it might be reborn inside the continuation of his own colony. If he has caused decay, he could be born inside a colony that is being subjected and destroyed… I’m just speculating, I don’t know if reincarnation exists, but the idea seem to be made from the same simple logic as evolution theory - that which is functional to enhancement of the species is rewarded with continuation of the species with that enhancement. Just replace species with individuality.

Thanks for replying jacob. According to your speculation if we replace species with a race, then?


I am in confusion now as well. What do you mean?

Frankly speaking I am no philosopher nor do I have any talent for philosophy, I was just wondering what is there after death. I will feel great if I get help from philosophers on this site.

You said “Enhancement of the species is rewarded with the continuation of that species with that enhancement” so in the same manner does enhancement of a race is rewarded with the continuation of that race with that enhancement? But would that be called being racist? I am going off topic but I was just wondering why is the west so obsessed with racism, here in Asia no one cares.


Yes, and no. But also, just no. Then again, yes, sometimes, but not always… you know it’s hard to say.

I would suggest to you, mahābāho, to conceive of death as the wise do in India: not as anywhere “there” but instead as already here. You can imagine that it will be the same as now, but for a time without ordinary body and memory, and feeling, and with opportunities for growth much fewer, and with a brutal, clinically pure clarity of the mirror of conscience in which to see yourself, with which you can’t plead or compromise for even a moment’s rest. The rest of it (the fate of each individual, as also the fate of each sand particle on the beach where you might tomorrow walk) depends in the main on the mercy of God, and to a lesser (but important) degree on what was accomplished during the lifetime, in the line of personal practice in godliness.

We can imagine that a sand particle, in so far as it is an individual mineral formation, undergoes evolution to become further more and more elaborate kinds of mineral, during all of which it’s recreated and destroyed numerous times, until at last it becomes living matter in plant or insect form. It now exists as part of the animal, and from its perspective, as a microscopic spot on the wing of a mosquito, it is as though the mosquito, itself only tiny, was as a cluster of galaxies is to us - huge, impossible to understand, and yet - it is at the same time our home. A human is much more complicated than a mosquito. When you lift your finger, it is as though a gigantic kingdom of loyal servants had now risen, and displaced themselves somewhere at the order of their august Monarch - you. Just like you, each of them, you can be sure, was once a mineral, plant, etc. - indeed every kind of mineral etc. that is possible, they have all been. Now they, these living particles, serve under you, and you are in a sense the caretaker and Lord responsible for this entire team of billions and billions of living forms. This is why wise people teach how to see not the Earth, and not even the Solar System as our home, but the whole of the Universe at once… This, after all, is where we have been formed and born, and in philosophy and science the shortsighted nature of our physical sense-faculties mustn’t be allowed to limit the infinite possibilities offered by the vision of Knowledge. This way they who were wisest have also created an art of understanding, allowing the formless and ungraspable to be conceptualized and described, as the All-Highest Mind of that Animal on whose wing our entire universe is like a humble dot.

In the course of immesurable aeons, uncountable universes just like ours fan out into existence and then are pulled back in and destroyed, to be recreated again. This idea is also called the Breath of God, or Spirit. This way every humble sand particle travels the potential evolutionary path from being a speck on the edge of the incomprehensibly huge ocean to becoming part of the one great Ocean of Oceans, Lord of Lords and Mind of Minds.

Those are our horizons.



‘Blessed are the pure in heart and poor in spirit, for they shall see God and inherit the kingdom of heaven.’

Man, as the third factor behind duality, must reconcile his own double-minded duality, that as a dancing synthesis between the temporal and the eternal, the Ego and Self.

We cling to the former and run from the latter in anxiety, resentment, despair - in sin.

‘Purity of Heart is to Will One Thing.’

My karma.

Russia. Podmoscowye.
Early in the morning, I went to some village.
Around me, there were forests and in front of me,
there was a ravine. I was delighted with the surrounding
me silence and beauty. Suddenly there came a vibration wave,
captured the whole brain and I saw that in front of me
a noisy broad and quick river (where ravine was) flew.
Far off there was a forest. Ancient people existed from
the forest and hurried to river. To the right three people stood.
Two of them supported a wounded
man. And who was on the left - was me: big and strong.
The skin of some animal covered my body. With one hand,
I supported the wounded man and in the other, I hold a spear.
The vision was distinct and clear. Then vibrations and vision
disappeared. Amazingly, I looked at the dry ravine and still
heard the noise of the river.
Once, in my past life I was a man from the wild tribe.

Early morning. On a steep mountain, straight on,
I climbed up to antique town Pergamum.
The clouds flew under me and they closed and
opened the modern downtown. From one side,
the sun lighted up beautiful antique town and
from the other side shadows of the clouds
flying along the downtown.
I saw white stoned destroyed temple of Zeus.
I entered and stood still. Suddenly there came
a vibration wave and captured the whole brain.
It took me and threw on the marble floor, and
I began to cry, and was in hysterics:
“Oh, Pergamum, oh, Pergamum, what they have done to you!”
Far in consciousness, I tried to collect myself and
said to myself: “Stand up! You are not crazy.”
I rose and wondered what had happened.
Again there came a vibration wave and
threw me on the floor. Again, I cried and was in hysterics.
I rose with tears and it stroke me:
“Once I was the main priest of the temple of Zeus
and I liked this town and this temple.”

Tibet. Lhasa.
In the early cold morning, I hurried to some monastery.
Easy Chinese sport slippers did not protect feet from
shrill cold of the ground. And cold burnt feet as hot stones.
I was walking amazingly. Suddenly vibration waves appeared
and captured my brain. I saw myself in the national
Tibetan clothes. I hurried somewhere, and went under
some angle to meet myself. We nearly run each other,
I became afraid and vision disappeared. The vision was short,
but long enough for me to understood that once, in my past life,
I was inhabitant of Tibet.

These facts from my life, certainly,
are not the proof from the scientific point of view.
And it is correct.
These facts are true only for me.
These and other religious experiences have helped me to understand
sense of the formulas and laws of physics. But you see not only I have
gone through such facts.There are a lot of such people.
Such facts are fixed in many books. Tribes and the ancient peoples,
in the past and in the present, trusted and trust in immortality of soul,
in its ability to incarnation.
But we will take other situation.
The scientists write about " virtual particles and virtual transformations ".
Nobody knows, what a "virtual particle " and " virtual transformations " are.
I shall remind what Feynman wrote:
“We are obliged to imagine, that our system hardly has moved,
even if it really did not move and was not so capable to move.
We use small imagined movement to apply a principle of energy conservation.”
Such explanation is not convincing. Comparing these two situations,
we can understand, that there are sufficient bases to be surprised.

Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik. Socratus.