Why do people/religious people believe in rebirth, while it is contrasting that the human population in the world is increasing. If there were rebirth then there must be equal number of deaths and rebirth, but the population of humans is increasing. Is there a factory of human souls in God’s place?

Also those who believe in afterlife…do you agree that people are reborn into other races or other species. Also what is the difference between being reborn in a different race vs a different species? Where does humanity start and animalism ends?

My mind tells me to disbelieve in rebirth, but there are many so called incidences of rebirth. Are they true? Or are they fooling the world.


re-birth? every man/woman dies. that said when 2 people make a baby that person is a completely unique entity. theres no room for belief in rebirth because we already know what make people; people. when i die im gone and
thats certainly a fact. any speculation that i can come back is rediculus.

Too right Trevor. So live life the best you can, it won’t happen again.

Just one thing though, who’s to say we’d have to be re-born unto Earth? There might be billions upon billions of life on other planets. Hmm.

The only ‘real’ way anyone could be re-born in some way would to be cloned.

Re-birth is very rare. It is as rare as one acorn becoming an oak. The majority of acorns serve as food for the earth or animal life that inhabits it. With man it is “dust to dust.”

Each day a new potential for re-birth appears in us and each day we psychologically abort it. This continues until the sequence of potentials end. Often this sequence ends years before a person physically dies and in the Bible it was referred to as: “Let the dead bury their dead”.

Some of the religions that believe in literal rebirth also believe that life is suffering, so rebirth is viewed as undesirable. And yet some of the same folks claim that life would be meaningless without rebirth. Curious isn’t it? the force they seek to escape is the same force they depend on to live.

an existentialist would say a man has the oppertunity for re-birth every day(certainly not in the literal sense) but a re-birth of your self.