Recent Revelations...

This gem from Polemarchus was too good to miss:

In a post on gay marriage:
“I wouldn’t care if a cowboy married his horse. I’d even dance at their wedding.”

Thanks, you made my day!

  • ben

hey, i just got boared and wanted to offend some poepl so ill upset you first, you do not mind gay marriges no, well how come perversions of nature do not survive but we humans apperantly the top of the food chain can have the sickest people on earth ( perverted or not) survive something is wrong with the way we are evolving carry on like we are and we will one day come to an end wich we would not of expected

Not necessarily true, male bonobo monkeys frequently hump each other…

It’s called freedom, and is presumably at the heart of all Amerikan actions, but I sure can’t tell.

I mean if marrying a horse is what floats your boat, we might not be able to hang out much, but it’s a free world.

The more perverse these folks are the better for me, as I’m looking for girls, and they take themselves out of competition with the “normal” folks

Reminds of the bumper sticker i saw recently which read: “Legalize Freedom”…