Recent Surge Of Public Violence.

Presently there are alot of public shootings at malls, schools and colleges where I think to myself of all the useless descriptions of the word “progress” by many in this sadist existence of modern civilization.

I think all these people going around shooting people are a bunch of ameturs. If you think about it there are more interesting ways to engage one’s hatred and anger towards the world which enslaves billions.

Are you upset because your girlfriend left you? Abduct her into the wilderness and tie her to a tree with iron chains where you can do anything you want to her until the stockholm syndrome kicks in.

Are you upset because you dislike most people? Go into a isolated eviroment and pick people off one by one through the stealth of night.

Do you want absolute freedom without restraint and authority? The wilderness is for you.

Do you hate god and all religions? Nature or the wilderness is absent of all gods and morals.

To all the public shooters and scary wannabes I will only say that you are a bunch of ameturs who make the rest of the world’s deviants look incompetent. :stuck_out_tongue:

There are more interesting ways to go against this world rather than some useless public shooter who knows he is going to get caught by the village priests known as the police.

If you deviate from the world just for the money you will only leave a paper and evidence trail behind you.

Yet if you fight for barbaric desire and for survival without the dependency of “civilized” vices, opportunities are endless.

I could never understand “civilized” criminals, since they lack the creative edge to rebel.

If you are a deviant within civilization you are bound to get caught. But if you are a deviant outside of the box and all conventional approaches your chances of success are increased.

I’m not so sure about these statements. Just look at the type of people who run this country–and the world. A bunch of crooks.

…if you can’t beat em, join em!

Con artists (and other criminal masterminds) are creative AND SMART enough to make sure no one even know they exist.

Yeah, then again, the news only covers the stupid/blatant criminals, because the smart ones do get away with it.

How can the news cover that one?

Think about all the dead soldiers in Iraq who didn’t get one second of coverage!? It’s somebody’s fault that they’re dead. Lol! I love this country of hypocrisy!

Is using a gun to kill someone really violent? Or is it a way to seperate yourself from being violent? Think about it.

You are actually not being violent You are infact eliminating something sort of like using a can of bug spray on an ant hill. Is not violence actual physical confrontation?

I think there might be something to this I just have not fully thought it out.

Well, I think it’s to make people feel less involved in killing something, and because both of those things simply work better.