Refugee from

As of the moment, my native forums has disappeared in to the abyss; a sinking ship, and I am left without a home. Yes, as of this moment "i love philosophy takes the #1 spot on google and Yahoo lists, leading me here (that is to say, philosophy forums has dropped off the face of the earth) Now I’m not an exile of those noble forums, led by Paul our glorious leader (whom I wish good luck), mind you- like maybe some of you here are…

nervous eye twitch

But perhaps I will post here more often, especially if my homeland never returns to its past glory.

Any other refugees here?

holy shit. philosophyforums went bye bye? What happened?

Catastrophic database errors. It was incredibly slow for some days then everything went to hell. I don’t feel very comfortable talking about it.


Their loss is ILP’s gain I suppose. But, say if more people join… can BMW Guy’s banishment be far behind? :smiley:

(Just kidding BMW)

Hehe BMWGuy posts here… he’s still the butt of many jokes back in land. Nice guy though. If the whole ship goes down maybe more will join, and then his crimes will be exposed :imp:

BMWGuy was unwise to anger Paul with excessive meaningless posts. Paul is slow to anger, but very wrathful.

I’m sure it will be back in some form or other… maybe they need a new host.

You will find some pretty large differences between the two forums. Hope you stick around regardless, though. :slight_smile:

we shoot logical positivists on sight

For your sins! :slight_smile:

I’m another refugee, although strangely enough I joined ILP justy before webt down, Does that make me one of the rats leaving the sinking ship? :slight_smile:

Tidings are grim. It seems that the entire database is unable to be reloaded.

What were the reasons for your emigration? Cuz it was all loading slow?

There were a few days before it finally went down when sometimes I could access it sometimes I couldn’t. It was when I searched on google to check th site hadn’t moved that I came across ILP.

Hi OW.

I moved from Oxford to the Algarve about a year ago. Is the City of Dreaming Spires still there? You can see I am troubled by doubts of the ‘if it isn’t perceived it doesn’t exist kind’! :slight_smile:


Hi TSZ, I was known as Klaatu. I believe I’ve even had the honor of speaking to you in Philoforums, too bad it didn’t end well. :laughing:

Moderator troubles, yes. Always good to have some of them in your pocketses. Cash works well, and it helps to be an attractive female :wink:

Oh it’s here alright. Raining all day today but definitely still here. I’m going punting next week so it had better clear up (I’m taking Aristotle on the river up to Christ church meadows with me!) :slight_smile:

TSW and Klaatu - both names familiar to me from PF even though I only joined a couple of months ago. TSW I believe we debated on absolute truth and infinite regress - I had no idea you had been banned. Some very arrogant moderators I thought.

Klaatu - what did we discuss, I can’t quite remember? I had no idea you were female (attractive or otherwise). Is that a compliment, a neutral statement or an insult I wonder? :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that Oxford is still there - even though I am not perceiving it, myself. Enjoy the punting next week.

Tell me sometime - when you’re punting, do you feel the river bed (when it’s not oozing with mud but hard and stoney that is) at the end of your punt pole, or in your finger tips where you hold the pole? And whichever your answer - why? :slight_smile:

OH DUDE!!!v I"M email Paul the huge list I made of quotes of complaints against him!!! YESS…

breaks out the champagn :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Now, listen to the voice of PF’s own members:

The thing about being female was an inside joke, referring to my previous exchanges with TSZ. In fact, I am a rather unattractive male.

As for the moderators, there never was a banning I did not approve of. Of course if it had been me being banned, my attitude towards them might be different.

by the way, I currently own the domain, .

laughs evilly

perhaps, I’ll find away to get a hold of before 'ol Knierim renews it. PF’s demise makes me totally forget how mad I was at ben for denying me access to the heavily-moderated board here (of course, all you PF people are laughing at this point and saying, “BMW gets access to a heavily moderated board???!! Fat Chance!!”).

Okay, on a more serious note: I’m truly sorry (seriously, I am) for Paul’s loss. As much of a blowhard, over-vocabulary-ed, forum-tyrannt as he was, I know that he did put a lot of time and effort into the board. I’m sad to see his loss, but if It gives him some time to re-think his admin-stratagies and promotes ILP, I really don’t feel too bad.

[i]DANG!!! PF is back-up and running…now this just is not fair. Looks like he blew another ill-spent 80 dollars on an upgrade. he does not relize the power of the new phpbb:

It has all of the features found in the famous Invision Power Board, but does not cost a dime. It is open-source, so it is infinteky customizable. Runs on any database. [/i]