Regarding the nasty brain infection I had a few months back

I don’t know if any of you have ever had to endure a bad brain infection, but let me tell you it’s hell. I have a new understanding and appreciation of the Devil after my little ordeal, which had me on the verge of fainting for several days. I also have a better understanding of what Nietzsche went through. The pain and disruption in my head/mind seemed to eminate from the brain stem. The words space and vacuum come to mind, don’t ask me to explain why. It’s funny really, my dad was saying ‘They’re all coming to get you now!’ and my mum was accusing me of thinking people were coming to get me, but in fact I was of the opinion that nobody but a psychotic lunatic of the first order would possibly want to ‘come and get me’ so the whole thing was very strange and frustrating to deal with. Another thing I learned is that if you complain of a brain infection, nobody takes it seriously. They all assume that you’re either crazy or on drugs. I think I would have elicited a more caring response if I’d complained of a chest infection. The truth is a bad brain infection can be downright impossible to cope with- mine had an extremely distressing effect on my mind and in that drove me insane in the worst possible way. And about all you can do is hope you never get one…

sounds more like an intense mindfuck of a trip

and a good euphemism :laughing:

I know you are being serious, but even so it’s very funny the way you put it… :laughing:

Is the hell really over now?

(An yes, it’s true that Nietzsche’s life was a continuous torture…)

Try living with it every day with Panic Disorder or Schizophrenia

Actually, I’m schizo-affective so yeah, factor that in too.

Well, I still have mild headaches from the same region as the infection was located, I think probably due to scaring. But other than that it’s over now.