Registering your nickname for IRC chat

We have a chat room on IRC server, at channel #philosophy.

If you dont know what IRC is, it is easier for you to use it by clicking on the ‘ILP chat room’ link from the left hand side of the main front page of the website.

People have been asking how to reserve their nickname for the chat room.

If you dont register it, someone else can pretend to be you on the chat - melodrama.

Once you have logged in to, or once you are in the channel already, you need to type some commands into your ‘status’ window. This is not the window where we chat but there should be some tabs along the top of the window, one of which is ‘status’.

Type the following to begin registering your nickname. You’re going to be talking to a computer called ‘nickserv’ (nickname server):

/msg nickserv register password email

replace ‘password’ with your password - make it not too short and include some numbers.

replace ‘email’ with your email. An authentication code will be sent to you to complete the process.

For help on using any command, just type in:

/msg nickserv help command

For example, if you want to know how to hide your email address from the public, use:

/msg nickserv set hide email on

From now on, once you have logged in, you will be told that the nickname you are using is registered, and please could you IDENTIFY yourself. To do this:

/msg nickserv identify password

Replace ‘password’ with your password that you used to register the nickname.


but now i cant pretend to be mick in england or SIATD

I think we’ll probably introduce an easier to use chatroom eventually… Ill discuss options with Ben upon his return.

i think if we had the majority of ILPers download msn messener or AIM it be benneficial

Wait, wait. You mean people are actually using the chat room?

i never seen nuddin’ in it, mofo. msn all the way cuz you can play minesweeper flags - rock on.