Reincarnationists hit the buffers

Reincarnation-cultists think there’s no heaven, no hell, just an endless cycle of rebirths.
Ha ha ha we can just imagine Satan whispering in their ears - “Psst don’t worry about hell, you’ll get re-born out of it, trust me would I lie?”
So they drop their guard and forget that not only will the Earth itself one day vapourise when the sun expands into a red giant and swallows it up, but even the whole universe will one day collapse in what scientists call The Big Crunch when all the stars go out…
Jesus said -"the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from the sky, and the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’ (Matt 24:29)
So there’ll be nowhere for reincarnated souls to reincarnate back to, they’ll be left floating in a black void of total sensory deprivation -
“Ungodly men,wandering stars for whom the blackness of darkness is reserved forever” (Jude 1:4-19)
Thats the horrific end of the line for all reincarnation-cultists and Satan will be laughing his socks off at them.
Hmm, I think I prefer a mansion in paradise with Jesus…

Aside from heaven, hell, satan, reincarnation, doesn’t time seem more cyclical to you with the seasons, and the rotation of the planets, rather than linear?

I feel like moments are repeating rather than being subsequent to each other. Just my take on time. I think eternity is now, and hell can be state of being presently.

the black void, that you mentioned, is in my estimation, a relief. Like putting out a flame and experiencing a cooler sensation.

mick, i understand your willingness and everything to spread the word of God, and i share it as well. however, i don’t think this is the way to convert people. as said in another thread of yours, “you are making this a my-religion-can-beat-up-your-religion thread.” i don’t like to tell people how to preach, or how to evangelize the faith, as we all have different talents and are meant to use them to praise God and tell others in different ways. i don’t think this will convert anyone though.

Actually, Mick is one of my favourite new posters.

I mean, I take him so more seriously than I do centripital farce, but with that in mind he’s quite amusing.

His posts make me smile. Like any joke, I think he could stand to post a little less. It gets less funny when he hits you over the head with it. Like any joke, it gets stale.

There’s been case-studies of “passed lives”, in which a person describes their death, name, etc.

Then, research is done and they find a person who actually died that way, of that name, etc.

This phenomenon can have many different reasons behind it, which I’m not even going to start to list. Reincarnation is a maybe, but I feel we can find a much more reasonable explanation.

“Heaven” and “hell” are very narrow ideas.

If you had a really nice wife/girlfriend, a healthy body and a wise mind, wouldn’t that be heaven for you?

Heaven and hell are [more accurately] conditions, not worlds.

This is not strictly true Mick. The general idea is that we reincarnate until such time when we are able to transcend the cycle of birth and rebirth. This takes effort. The cultivator has to cultivate spiritually to the level of the absolute realm (Heaven). It is a heart level, a frequency.


CreatImperfect quote - i don’t think this is the way to convert people

Who sez I’m here to convert anybody?
I’m simply here to put on my revolving bow-tie and entertain you all with my astounding wit and intellect, and you can either come along with me for the ride or get left behind :slight_smile:

Buff DEBuff Buff. :laughing: #-o