Religion Supposedly As A Form Of Mental Illness?

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It’s quite elementary as to why psychiatry won’t target or address religion. Being that psychiatry is an apparatus of the state to control the population where religion is just another arm of the state both ideologies despite being different are not opposed to each other in this regard.

Indeed, all of religion is a great example of delusional and mass hysteria but like psychiatry its primary message is one of obedience to the state.

So, in the name of tolerance the state addresses psychiatry not to touch or encroach upon religion.

In this hilarious precedent under psychiatry this really is a case where some hearing voices in the head are more equal than others.

As long as you’re having conversations with an imaginary being known as god that tells you to obey all worldly authorities that is fine. You’re declared sane.

The moment you’re having conversations with imaginary beings that aren’t god you shall be declared mentally insane especially if they make you a subversive or nonconformer to the state.

In the midst of all of this churches and religious organizations become tax exempt where people are encouraged to believe in imaginary beings in the sky who’s message is total obedience to worldly authorities. The sole goal of psychiatry and religion is absolute total obedience to the state.