religion vs multiculuralism

a few questions:

#1) is there a superior religion?

#2) are all religions equally wise, and equally unwise?

#3) Do you think religion X actively promotes violence/hatred?

#4) Do you think multiculturalism is the answer to the world’s differences?

#5) Do you believe that you are following the greatest truth you can?

a few notes and my answers:

#1) Remember that religion refers to any belief that has constructs of sin/dogma and redemption. This includes, satanism, atheism agnosticism, and environmentalism, etc.

A - #1) No, all religions are fundamentally flawed.

A - #2) No, religions have varying degrees of social evolution. Even though some extremist christians promote hatred towards homosexuals, and even the MORE extreme ones think our government should be killing them in the electric chair, none of them are following through with this. The extremes of voodoo christianity, and conquest islam (the muslims that wish for “peace” through conquest of the world) are far more violent and far more dangerous.

When christians are regularly killing homosexuals the way that the muslims are regularly killing themselves and in the process others, (buddhist teachers in thailand, buddhist temples in India, Christians in India, and much of the middle east, and jews throughout the world.) then I will change my stance. This year they also lowered their “EQ” rating by responding so violently to a cartoon.

A - #3) I think most religions actively promote the idea that they are better than others. Even buddhism. The buddhist monks are classic examples of egoists, who claim their wisdom will merely fall upon deaf ears. Religions also always hold the “truth”. Truth may vary by user.*

A - #4) absolutely not, I think it will make the world far far worse.

A - #5) absolutely. If I wasn’t, I’d be very confused or a nihilist. We each follow what we deem to be the best path, regardless of how we view other “truths”, or other “paths”.

  • There are absolute truths, but most truths needn’t be absolute to be true.

Yeah, but what grade did you get on this quiz?

I love these recent mass questionaires lol!

Superior? Most religions are exclusive. The better question is which one is right then?

As a Christian and as per the Bible, God is the only giver of Wisdom. This means that a true servant of God will aquire far more wisdom than others.

Some do promote violence yes. Yes islam is one of them. I have read it for myself.

Not a chance. People are different. Nature is naturally biased. If you put people with different cultures together and try to force them to co-habitate you get France and their Riots and the USA with all the race baiting and card pulling.

Once again, people of different mind are not compatible enough to live directly with each other. This is a prime reason why states should have more rights than the central government.

Of course!

Right on!

I would like for you to provide an example of a non absolute truth. I see all truth as absolutes. In this fashion I see it as never being relative. It is either Truth=Correct or a lie=non correct. This is regardless of wether or not the person speaking the lie knows better!

1.) No, all of the dominate religions (if true) would probably go to the same place in the end.

2.) The newer religions seem to lack inherant wisdom granted by the people of others. The zeal which drives it worshipers has caused a multitude of death whereas the older ones seem to be far more peaceful.

3.) Once again the newer religions seem to be far more violent.

4.) Differences are ideal for mental freedom. There are 11 ways to say snow if you are speaking the tongue of the Eskimos. While if you go to India there is only one. I think the varying cultures may lead to varying thought which is essential for creativity in all aspects of life. But the world will always have problems. So in short; no.

5.) Yes. I believe that the answer to my truth lies in my own mind.

Anti-spiritual, pagan buddhist chaote. :laughing:

Seriously, I think the superior “religions” would be asian…

Aztex vs Taoism. NOT EQUAL!!!

It promotes things that lead to hatred, such as arrogance & perfectionism, sometimes.

Hell no!

We need an air-tight constitution and an un-corrupt, powerful goverment to clean up the cultural mess!

…no comment…

Fundamnetalism is different then mysticism & religion.
Each word has its own meanings.
sin/dogma & redemption are not always in religions.

God damnit! You’re right, and whenever a religion gets arrogant like that it begins to decay into a blind traditionalism.

#1: Well, multicultural-type folks are constantly saying that all religions are trying to achieve the same thing. It’s obvious that they are going about it in different ways. It only seems natural that if you have multiple methods attempting the same goal, some of those methods must be better than others. If that’s bull, though, and religions are actually trying to accomplish fundamentally different things, then we’d need some objective way to compare them to say some are better than others.

#2: This seems to be the same question as the first, just with a hint at what that standard might be. For now, I guess I’d have to say that religions aren’t wise, people are, and it seems clear to me that not all religions are equally capable of producing wise people.

#3) Do you think religion X actively promotes violence/hatred?

A question of circumstance. Some certainly are now. I’m sure just about every religion hates or would hate someone or something, if that someone or something became dominant or pervasive enough. I’m sure just about every religion would promote violence, if they were put in the right situation. It seems hard to deny that Islam and Christianity have more potential for violence than some others- but I wonder how much that has to do with the cultures they have become immersed in.

#4) Do you think multiculturalism is the answer to the world’s differences?

No, and I think that’s a stupid question- the kind of question that answers itself. As long as we are celebrating multiculturalism, we’ll be promoting and encouraging differences, won’t we? Now, if the hullabaloo about multiculturalism was actually a ploy to annihiliate cultural difference and many everybody a bland unity, that would be a different story…
…but what’s the chances of that being true?

#5) Do you believe that you are following the greatest truth you can?

I have to.

#1) is there a superior religion?

Always, depending on the circumstances.

#2) are all religions equally wise, and equally unwise?

No. They all are supposed to make societies better. Depending on circumstances, some will work better to that purpose than others. Some may generally work better in all circumstances.

#3) Do you think religion X actively promotes violence/hatred?

The adherents do. Certain parts of a religion can. The religion as a whole doesn’t.

#4) Do you think multiculturalism is the answer to the world’s differences?

Nope. I think its a load of relativist crap.

#5) Do you believe that you are following the greatest truth you can?

I don’t understand the question.