Religious Survey

Which religious category would you fall under?

  • Religious
  • Agnostic
  • Atheistic
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In writing a paper for my English class, I’d like to include a survey of the three main stances on religious beliefs. Religious (belief in a deity or deities), Agnostic (does not believe in the existence of or absence of a deity or deities), and Atheistic (does not believe in a deity or deities).

Please do not debate the religious types or opinions of others. This is purely for collection of data for my paper, and is not intended to be a contestation of any sort. Thanks.

Note: if there is any dispute on the definition of the catagories, please use Webster for the definition - if you still can’t decide, please don’t vote. Thank you.

I do think “theistic” would have been a better term than “religious”. By defining “religion” as “theism” a variety of traditions often recognized as religious are left out. But hey, it is your ride so playing by your rules makes sense.

You left mine out! Not fair! Mine is none of the above. There are no deities, just superior beings that outclass us like we out class a common dog or a naked mole rat wearing an ice cream flavored thong on an iceberg.:smiley:

Really though, why must spirituality or religion be only given to gods/deities? Why not have faith and belief in just another being? A creature that has a vested interest in you/us. Worship not needed, just respect. there are no gods, just really superior sentient beings.

For which Truth is apparently irrelevant. Good to see that our academic institutions are still dead and kicking.

Concerning knowledge, I am an agnostic. As for my beliefs, I believe in the 50+/50- possibility in a superior being/God. I don’t recognize any organized “religion” because they all rely on supernatural revelation, which is the book definition. You ask a question that’s incomplete. If you want to find out what people believe, ask them what’s the most important thing in their lives. What is their god/God?: Money, power, fame, influence, the interactive God of your religion, atheism, a non-interfering God, family, art, justice, love, knowledge, or my choice which deals with all of these, Truth.