Religious tracts or pamphlets and effects on you

We all have had one religion or another give us a piece of paper trying to encourage us to the belief.

Has any affected you with any emotion? I read most of them, most are written like mini stories. Some horror, some romance, some scifi etc.

Last night I got one that had me laughing so hard. It was written like someone announcing a game show and bribing you to join their baptist church.

You will get to heaven if you repent all your sins and accept the blood of Christ type of salesmanship. but it was soo funny.

The way it was worded, you could be the most horrible sinner all of your life but, before you die if you repent and accept the blood of Christ you get to have eternal life, if you don’t, you will burn in hell fire.

Ok really now that is silly. This is meant to encourage me? I get to go to heaven with a bunch of nasty people that turned mercenary at the end of their lives, they suddenly they get redemption? Why would I ever ever want to be around such people? ROFL. This one tract has taken the award for being the most ridiculous piece of work I have seen. Someone failed to proofread the wording and intent. ROFLMAO.

Well if my understanding is correct then yes that is how Christianity works.

I have know people who drank and did drugs. Did major turn around and became good people. Some became believers in Christianity. I have no problem with any faith that saves people in one form or another.

People can change and if someone or something can help them along that road.

It’s like this, religious “literature” is viewed by unintelligent people like TV commercials are viewed by people that are simultaneously unitelligent and have not taken marketing courses.

Basically, this guy hooks up with this girl because he chews a certain brand of gum, and his breath is so irresistible that she feels an immediate sexual attraction to him. Anyway, people are meant (not so much to believe that will actually happen) but to sort of link one event to the other, hence, they buy the gum.

The reason I say religious literature is the same, (And I don’t care what religion it is representing) is because it is meant to be an advertisement that will only sway a weak mind. I don’t want those of you who are religious to be offended, so, to specify, if a person is a Baptist, but an intelligent Baptist, literature about The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints is not exactly going to compel you. Whereas, if a person is of a religion (or not) and is unintelligent, well, it’s just an easy sell at that point.

I did some sales before my work in hotels, and marketing/sales is the same exact thing. Think about it, the 10% of whatever tithing you give isn’t going to the Mormons if you’re a Catholic, right?

Of course, this type of glorified salesmanship (while most used in religion) isn’t confined to religion. Charities do it all the time, when you see a flyer in the mail and it just says, “people are poor, donate to them,” are you compelled? No. However, to see a picture of a starving Ethiopian, (or whatever) where you could play xylophone on his/her ribcage, well, that has an effect on some.

Do you think the local priest wants converts because he believes strongly in what he preaches? Of course he wants converts for that reason! But, if he doesn’t get the tithing, and if the donation bucket comes up dry after the daily pass of shame, then he doesn’t have a church, anymore.

I sincerely hope you do have a problem with it, in your example, these people were converted out of pure fear. That’s salvation? Being scared out of your mind by a place of eternal punishment?

In response to the original post, I received one once that had a graphic image of the two main characters, two kids, burning alive in hell. Yes that’s right. The caption read something like “Hell is a horrible place. Jimmie and Janie are forever tormented in the Lake of Fire because they didn’t believe.”

That’s odd. I didn’t read anything in Raven’s post that suggested those people were afraid. You must have spoken to the folks she was referring to…

I usually throw these things away before reading them.

Why would any adult take the time to read that stuff? I usually courteously accept it without argument or complaint and then deposit it in the nearest trash can.

Since this is a philosophy site, I have a question for anyone who has read such material: Have you ever read an argument in any one of those pamphlets that struck you as being a sound argument?

If so, what was the argument?

LOL I dont have a problem with it. I don’t judge people for their faith. Who am I to do so? Will I talk and ask questions? Of course. You are assuming they chose a new path because they were scared of eternal punishment. Talk to one who is trapped by an addiction, there is eternal punishment. Hell, in their body and soul. Hell is here (earth) look around you. Look at the tortured souls.

Pure fear is having no control, your spirit weak. If people find strength in what they can to save themselves and their families, I am for it.

R.C. I read them to understand the ones in charge and because they can be entertaining for the minute or two it takes to read them. No sound argument that I have seen, all have been based on emotions.

These pamphlets are tiny windows to religious leaders souls and thoughts.
What is put into them can show what motivates them and the emotional state they reside in. It can show what they are teaching their particular followers. Sometimes it is interesting to compare. Say you get a pamphlet from one Baptist church and then you go across town and another gets handed to you from a different Baptist church. They tend to be different especially if there is a difference in the type of area you got them from.

Religions selling their beliefs have their most powerful tool in emotions. Like Celpha’s description of one, that is targeted towards only emotions not logic.

When they start quoting their religious texts it really becomes convoluted.

One pamphlet actually made me quite angry. Another made me feel bad for the folks that went to that particular church.

Touche, I did assume that, but I think rightfully so; that’s what those tracts generally play upon. Or at least the ones I have come across do so. Jimmie and Janie burning alive for example.

I never pay any attention. I tell them I have no interest, and Nietzsche killed God, so whatever they are believing in, died long ago.

Usually, they either get upset, or just stand there befuddled for a few seconds and then wander off in a daze.

I just wish they would print it on really soft paper so it would be useful… :wink:


Good thread :slight_smile:

My Dad gave my brother a Christian magazine called ‘Campus Life’ that deals with sex and other problems, mainly fielding questions from students on several campuses. This magazine was meant to sway my brother into staying a good Christian as well as educate him in how to deal with sexuality and other issues…

There was one article that featured a boy who said he had a problem with his hormones. He said that he would wake up every morning and he would get an erection that wouldn’t go away. He asks " what should I do?"

Answer from the expert: " Do not masturbate because this is sinning!
Instead kneel down and pray when you have an erection and thank god that you have normal functioning hormones. Then ask god to give you a wife that will be healthy and appreciate these feelings, but only for procreation.

An erection prayer? :laughing:

Soft paper and an erection prayer. LOL

My son is going to print up his own tract to hand to those that hand him theirs. Fair is fair .I can’t wait to read his religious interpretations. he will read theirs if they read his. ROFL yea, need a vid camera for that one.

Ok An erection prayer? And just apreciate it for procreation? Is that not a sin? I mean wasting a perfectly good erection, I think that has to be one.

OK Sorry to those that are religious but, I had to do that. No offense just gallows humor.

It is the unique printed translations of religious texts that can leave you dumbfounded. especially when they don’t proofread.

That last one killed me. It literally meant that you could sin all of your life then get rewarded for regretting those sins. I know it was not an intentional meaning. I hope it was not.

The graphics and words of these pamphlets need to be censored or rather rated. Burning humans are censored in the media, why not on religious tracts?

Erection prayer? Enough alcohol or drugs, and you pray you can have one! :sunglasses:

We need to print up a bunch of Darwinism ones and leave them all over some food court in on the back of a urinal. That’ll teach those zealots to waste our time!!

Then you take away a freedom of the people…freedom of speech. If one doesn’t want to read it, merely throw it away or recycle it. Think, if you hadn’t read it, you wouldn’t know your against those fliers. No matter what they printed it made you think about what you do believe.

One day this boy in his older age is going to be giving a different kind of erection prayer; “God, please let me have normally functioning hormones again.”

Thus sayith the Lord, “Look into Viagra my son. Jeez, why didn’t you take advantage of all those ones I gave you when you were younger?”

:laughing: IT really is too much. I just picture a boy pitching his ‘boxer shorts tent’ while praying and asking ‘it’ to go away like it’s some demon trying to get out…

The mag is actually online now… Some comical reads…

Ahh, but what about those that make movies, write books etc… they have to comply with ratings and censorship. What makes religion so different? If passing out print that is obscene or violent in nature can get you arrested if you are not affiliated with a church, Why can you get away with it when you are with a church? That is against the very thing you just said. I have found that if you claim religious freedom the Gov’t backs off so fast it trips over itself. Hardly fair or right to the rest of the people.

Religions are entities and should comply with layman’s laws and rules.