remains of alien space craft found

They have found the remains of an ancient alien (boat shaped) space craft that must have crash landed in the mountains of Ararat.

Ancient sources say this is some boat made by humans to survive some mythical flood. They are liars… this is clearly an alien space craft!!! Note the antigravity panels around the sides of the vessel;
(the full image wont show on this page)

The mythologists point to the delithium core of the space craft that broke off when it crashed…

as if it were some drogue anchor used to drag in the water, for stabilizing the so called boat and to keep it perpendicular to oncoming waves

Does it even measure according to noah’s ark?

Yes Sir, it is exactly 300 Royal Egyptian cubits = 515 feet, long.

But this is merely a coincidence as this is the exact measure optimal for hyper space travel.

can you give me a reputable site to find this information? forgive me if I don’t believe you right off…

What is a reputable site? One that doesn’t believe in God?

I have talked to the Pleadians about their space craft, but they are very hesitant to go on record… they feel it an intergalactic embarrassment for them.

What vessel? I see a rock formation. You need to go out the Rocky mountains, Rock formations happen like that. It is explained by volcanic activity. I don’t mean to be rude but, I see no ship. Perhaps if there are better photos and some reputable documents it would help. As a person that feels aliens are more than likely to be real, I would prefer hardcore evidence rather than a questionable photo.

What difference would it make?

along time ago i saw a video on discovery where some geologists found evidence of a very larg flood convering a decent chunk of europe.

perhaps some ancient natural dyke broke and some doomsayer got lucky and predicted it.

building an arc isnt really that hard either. the arc is only half the length of the titanic (which sucked).

i think that an arc potentially was built. perhaps some myths in the bible have a basis in truth.

Unless the ark was held together by God, it would not have surivived a trip through the flood.

This rock formation was long ago deemed to be just that: a rock formation. Sorry to spoil your fun, Martian.

Nice try setting up a false dilemma.

Quit calling it a spacecraft.

And a reputable site isn’t youtube. It’s a site that is either backed by a scientific organization, or has nothing to lose by presenting the evidence. Ultimately, even if it does match the measurement, I won’t care. Like others have said, it doesn’t mean Noah actually built it because god told him to. I’m merely curious.

watch the youtube video I posted… you can find more yourself…

The video I posted, shows geologists with underground scanning devices, it shows them cut open one of the deck timbers showing that they were laminated layers of wood; but this wood had not growth rings, and it also shows titanium rivets that were holding the timbers together.

Can’t watch vids, I have dial up and the download time on dial up is prohibitive. laminated wood is old ancient knowedge wood without rings, well I think Iron wood has no rings, I believe. There are several extinct hard woods that I cannot recall the names that had no rings so that is not unearthly. Titanium was not unknown in the ancient times it was just a well kept secret, extremely costly and time consuming with little feasable applications, One would have to have been very wealthy to make anything larger than rivets. Titanium rivets would be ideal for a wood like ironwood where common metal rivets would break from extreme pressure and moisture. A laminated curved hardwood would produce a strong outward stress, so titanium rivets would be the best.

here is one example of no growth rings and probable reasons why

Yes, and trees that grew before the flood would not have had growth rings because the climate was moderate with no real seasons.

Ha ha ha! Yes actually! Can a website itself believe in God? :-k :laughing:
I’m glad you have consulted the utmost scholarly authority on the internet… :astonished: :laughing:

Trees were upwards of 200 ft. with around a 9ft diameter. You could get some pretty darn good lumber from that… with the tools on hand it would take forever though. Unless you had a crew.

Only the redwood forest has trees of such size anymore as does the deepest rain forests and jungles. Most trees now are puny compared to what was.

[size=150]Noah’s Ark is one of the dumbest, silliest and most absurd stories ever told![/size]

All contradictory:
How many of each clean animal did Noah take into the ark?
When did Noah enter the ark?
How long did the flood last?
How long was the ark afloat?
When did the earth dry after the flood?

“I do set my bow in the cloud.”
God is rightly filled with remorse for having killed his creatures. He makes a deal with the animals, promising never to drown them all again. He even puts the rainbow in the sky so that whenever he sees it, it will remind him of his promise so that he won’t be tempted to do it again. (Every time God sees the rainbow he says to himself: “Oh, yeah… That’s right. I promised not to drown the animals again. I guess I’ll have to find something else to do.”).

But rainbows are caused by the nature of light, the refractive index of water, and the shape of raindrops. There were rainbows billions of years before humans existed.

Who believes that rainbows didn’t exist before this wackjob of a story!?

How many has God himself killed?

The Bible Disclaimer

“the belief that the bands that plays at your church rocks…” HA HA HA! :laughing:

eat that!

With the size of trees that were a vailable an awesome sized ship could have been assembled by a family over a decade or two. I think though I would have prefered the drowning, the smell alone and the amount of urine and feces would kill you. I don’t care how peaceful and comatose god would make the critturs, the stench would be deadly. If god could put the animals to sleep without urinating and having to cleanse bowels then he could have sped time up for them too. So that 40 days would be as one but, then what need of the Ark? See. While the building of the ship is entirely probable and possible the rest is not impossible just improbable and flies in the face of any lesson or logic.

There could be no purpose to make the animals and Noah’s family suffer 40 days of torment. None zero zip. If my God did that I would tell it to F off. No purpose, no reason could justify such a thing to do to one that loves you and has faith in you. You would be a rotten person or God to do that to someone.