Remember, Remember, The 5th of November!

How far are we, logically speaking, from the possibility of having a fascist police state in the U.S.; and what are you prepared (in your mind) to do about it if it happens? Would you blow up Parliament or The Capital just to get the message across that ‘we need a nihilistic reboot of government?’ What I mean by ‘nihilistic reboot’ is simply that: a complete revolt to usurp the power of the government that had been stolen out of the hands of the people and return it to those very same hands; as if you simply went back to the original Constitution and erased all Amendments that had been written in thereafter. Would that solve anything? Do you think V really solved much for England? (Those poor chaps would had to have built a new Parliament building.)

“Remember, remember, the fifth of November” are words to be inspired by or to be frowned upon. The question is, which?

Logically speaking, we are 421 days from having a fascist police state. Logically speaking.


I personally believe we are already in the middle
of a fascist state. I find it incomprehensible
how people don’t see it. It is as clear as day to me.
The right question is “now what”? First of all, I think
people must become aware of having a problem.
That is always the first step, understanding there is a
problem, then you can take the second step.
But we are still on the first step, actually not even on
the first step, as millions still don’t see the problem,
If the GOP keep the house and senate this tues, people
might suddenly see the light and understand we are in
a dictatorship.


Kropotkin, damn it. Don’t tell us what you personally believe. We want to hear logical speak.


If there is any hope for the country, it lies in the proles.

The fact that we’re having an election this coming Tuesday shows otherwise. Bush would, I think, LIKE to have a fascist state with himself as dictator, and has made some moves in that direction. That doesn’t mean we actually have one. In order to actually have a fascist government, we would have to suspend the Constitution (openly), declare martial law, have a one-party state with all other parties outlawed, and although we might still have non-binding plebiscites and referenda on government policies, have no more elections.

The closest the U.S. has ever come to a fascist state was during the Civil War. Even then, although the writ of Habeas Corpus was suspended, Lincoln still stood for reelection in 1864.

In order to impose a fascist dictatorship, a leader has to have the unqualified support of the military and of a majority of the people. Bush has neither. Not only has he not created a fascist state, he is therefore incapable of doing so.

Hyperbole isn’t useful when your audience is capable of critical thinking, Peter.

The writ of Habeas Corpus has been suspended once again. The US isn’t a total police state, but events of the last few years have moved us closer to the brink. Tuesday would be an excellent time to start nudging things back the other way.

We’re close.

As navigator pointed out we’re not fully entrenched but I think we should be cognizant of just how close we actually are. The thing people must realize is if you wait until the martial law order it may be too late…

We’re way too close as it is – we should be trying to turn this thing around right now.

No one is prepared to discuss what they would do in the event of a United Fascist State of America? Honestly, most people who live in the United States are happy where they are; growing up and living in the same place all their lives, unless they’re in a military family like I was. What’s the point of having a united country under one totalitarian government if you’re not even willing to proclaim a singular state under that unifying government? (Call the country The North American Union; and while you’re at it, expand the empire to include what would have been Canada and Mexico.) Seriously, how bad would it be to simply let the South rise again, let Texas become an independent country, and so forth…? Oh yeah, and I’ll ask it again: What would you do in the event of a fascist totalitarian takeover?

In the middle of a fascist totalitarian takeover I would grab every last weapon I could carry at one time and march to my death on Capitol Hill.

After the news that the military chiefs have demanded Rumsfeld be fired (this time active military chiefs), I think a fascist state looks less likely than it did a few days ago.

After the news that a large percentage of those who were responsible for selling the Iraq war to the public (e.g. Perle, Ledeen, Gaffney Adelman Frum. etc) have said the war has been a disaster and administration’s handling of it, incompetent, I think a fascist state looks less likely.

And after Adleman (a old time neoCON) said he believes the neoCON cause (i.e. democratising the middle east) is dead for at least a generation due to the ineptitude of Bush and co. then perhaps the engine of a fascist state (i.e. perpetual war) makes a fascist state less likely.

My only fear is that if another terrorist attack happens (or is staged) then the neoCONS may be able to win back a lot of support.