Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

[not sure is this topic goes under social sciences or mundane babble – though it might turn into rant house]

If England’s greatest patriot, Fawkes, had succeded, could the British have ended their schism with Rome?

I think it might have meant anarchy with no one in power. But did the conspirators/patriots have a plan for that too?

(I hear that even today Fawkes is so popular in England, they light his image for all to see and donate money to him every year.)

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right… the streets of london are swollen with hoardes of “fawkers”…


Guy Fawkes was a terrorist
Guy Fawkes night is a glorification of terrorism.

The glorification of terrorism is an offence…

interestingly enough, Fawkes & co. probably would have had to have government backing to get that much gunpowder in the first place, and, the law knew just where to find them to stop it from actually happening. As soon as the ‘confessions’ were known, public support for his cause vanished. How handy for the government. :unamused:

a) Not really a glorification of terrorism… Afterall - we do burn him… More a hip-hip-hooray for the continued semi-benevolent tyranny of government.

b) I think I read somewhere that the actual estimated amount of gunpowder, even if successfully exploded, would have only caused fairly minor structural damage…

c) Fireworks are pretty though, and Parkin delicious, though it tends to sit in the stomach.

d) If Fawks gets any revenge from beyond the grave, it’s usually against kids who have bangers go off in their faces, burns for over-eager rocketeers, and tummy ache from too many sweeties…

e) Boy, I miss bonfire night. :cry:

I always felt that what was being celebrated was very ambiguous. We are entertained by explosions (fireworks) - this implies that we are on the side of Guy Fawkes…

It was a metric ton of gunpowder - it would have destroyed most of the House of Lords (the actual room) but wouldn’t have blown up the whole building as shown in some recent documentaries. I saw the maker of one of these docs on Richard and Judy recently and she was barely capable of completing a sentence. And she’s an academic…

If you put a whole parkin in a chemical toilet it takes usually about 6 hours to disintegrate.

In my area the main injuries come from children playing on the edge of the big fire and falling over or being pushed into the flames…

In my town we had 2. One last weekend, one this weekend. I can’t wait to see what happens at New Years, we might skip through to 2007 without telling the rest of the world.

The whole of York smelt gunpowder last night, no kiding.

“We are on the side of the guy for his courage!”

“We are on the side of the parliment for righteousness.”

Don’t you just bore to death with this clicherish shit? Guy Fawkes… who cares? I thought the firework was fine.

Yeah it was real pretty. At two in the morning I saw a woman who was so drunk she couldn’t walk straight and kept vomiting every 2 paces. Yeah real pretty! Ya gotta love England. God save the Queen and all that


By the way, someoneisatthedoor, I think your new quote is correct.

I said it was ambiguous…

Come again?

Come again?

Terrific, I was hoping that I’d manage to impress you…

No real loss then… :wink: [size=59](yes yes I know I know - the lords were important then…)[/size]

Hey Angel - you pissed on my mental fireworks…!!! Shame on you… :wink:

Where are you these days…? Ms. Mysterious… Pm me and we’ll have a chat. It has been too long since the Seraphim’s wingtip last brushed my cheek.

Damn Damn Damn - now I miss York too… :cry: have you been to the Pub down by the riverside yet Uni…? below the Iron-work bridge…? - That’s a good one if it’s not too cold (or flooded) What do you think of the Minster…? The hole in the wall near Bootham Bar is a good pub too.

Hope all is well with you and your studies.


Well, I stopped in on the thread because I felt I should apologise for my attitude toward regicide. It is wrong to lift your sword against the person of the Lord’s annointed – which is why David spared King Saul on several occasions. But perhaps it didn’t matter to Fawkes and crew in the case that the king were annointed by what was probably a schismatic cleric.

Would someone tell me what a “parkin” is? Searching Wikipedia, I only found the word in an article on Parkenson’s.


it is slang for that corner diagonally opposed to go on the monopoly board…


Don’t be sucked in by Imp… He just doesn’t know either… :laughing:

I suspect a “parkin” is some secret weapon the English have cooked-up since the War of 1812 to eventually re-take the “Colonies”. Something that will sit so heavy in the stomach, the Brits can just walk in, them and those Hessians, and re-take the White House. But for one unforseen problem: the total dearth of any interest by restaurants in the US with regard to serving British cuisine. :slight_smile:

Why would we want the colonies back? We already outsource all our call centres to India and the Americans have messed up that entire continent. As to Africa - there’s fuck all there except deserts, antelopes and face-paint…

I keep saying that British cuisine is great. If you went to the Curry Mile (about 400 yards) in Rushholme, Manchester, you’d be surrounded by the best cuisine money can buy…

The Minister is less impressive than the Cathedral in Gloucester, from my amatuerish point of view. The Achitect student who I share a house with, reckons that it’s an unmatched masterpiece… whatever, I like the river better. I actually live by the river, and cycle along it to te university daily. There was a guitar concert last week in a pub called Black Swan. I went, I heard, I… Bob Dylan… who? Nobody seemed to care playing anything Rodrigo, unfortunately I’ve only a pair classical ears. Is there a pub in York where people talk about Beethoven and Nietzsche? I’m looking. But York is nice, I’d rank it as one of the best towns in Britain. My study is as mathematical as ever, matrix algebra and shit. Two more years in Heslington, I’ll end up a godamn monk in the Minister.

Therefore anyone seen to be connected to guy fawkes & fireworks will be imprisoned :laughing:

i hate fireworks…they hurt one of my friends…and i never saw the dude again…novemeber=evil