Renewing the Moderation?

Should the moderation be renewed?

    1. No.
    1. Yes.
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Do you have any suggestions on how to renew the moderation here, which seems to not exist?
Warning or banning should be judged by moderators, right?
Or we denounce others to Carleas, who then judges accordingly. Many already do that anyway.
But can and should we not better design the moderation?
Or should we just let it go on? The world is heading for chaos anyway.
Are there no problems with the moderation?
How would you answer the questions?

Oh, I’m the first to comment. That makes me very happy. :smiley:

I voted “no”. So I would not renew the moderation of ILP. leave it as it is.

Ok ill go along with that

Did you vote?

I voted “Yes”. I suspect most people on this board don’t want any kind of moderation.

Perhaps they wish for a better moderation, but have realized that a better moderation is not possible here.

I doubt it. I think they really prefer no moderation.

I prefer strict moderation and especially strict moderation against trolls.

Also, insults can be detected early enough. The same applies to the aspect of who started the insult. It is quite easy to determine who it was who first insulted.

So I voted “yes”.

According to the voting result, 63% want to renew the moderation.

And because we already have almost no moderation at all, I don’t assume that those 63% want even less or no moderation at all. I believe quite clearly that they want more moderation.

I voted “yes”, although I am not for a big control, as you can imagine.

In the US, everyone seems to be fighting everyone (as in Hobbes’ time in England) - the differences are in the technical and economic possibilities as well as in the composition of the society and the age of the culture. In the USA skin colors fight against one skin color, upper and lower class against middle class, women against men, young against old, atheists and non-Christians against Christians, left against right, “progressives” against conservatives, homosexuals and transsexuals against heterosexuals. (Soon also machines against humans? Or again animals against humans?). Although, no because we are doing so well, everybody is fighting everybody.

But this is not unique to the US, it is true wherever there are Westerners. This is not a coincidence. In the USA it is - at the moment in any case - only worse than in the other nations of the West.

The Internet “promised” so much in the beginning and not only failed to deliver on any of that promise but brought more and more autism, asociality, lack of independence, dictatorship, censorship, prohibition, banning.

The reason why almost no moderation can be found here is that almost no one wants to have and show responsibility out of fear. Maybe Carleas is already in prison? For us (is he like Jesus on the cross?)?

The fear goes around.

Yes, just now I voted no, because let the various levels of judgement draw their variously perceived points of view.

Points of view are are very impressionable, anyway they usually react to paradigms of judgement and usually they do not consist intrinsic value.

You seem to be right (:

On the other hand, 61% does not want to ban Polish Youth.

The trend is still in the direction that most ILP members want a renewal of the moderation.

Most ILP members love trolls. Unfortunately.

Does autism really have as much to do with it as you think? I would suggest most of the people that appear autistic are just fucking idiots and/or sociopaths.

I used the words “autism” and “asociality”, you used the word “idiots” and “sociopaths”, so I think that we are in agreement.

You are like a turkey voting for xmas.



this free speech land love it or leave it

The bolded is most likely the reason people don’t want this (and any other) forum to be moderated (: