Reply to Rule110 re understanding science

So please explain why the circumference of a circle is always 3.14159… times its diameter, regardless of the size of the circle. And why does a circular fence enclose more area than a rectangular one made with the same amount of wire? Then tell me how the single photon in the double slit experiment is in two places at once. And if you can do that, tell me why upon observation it appears only in the observed slit….regardless of which slit is observed. Then please explain how it is that time and space are affected by proximity to massive objects. What is it about mass that makes it attract other mass? And how can a massless object like a photon exert force on a massive object like an electron; or even on the earth itself? Why does the strong force grow stronger as distance increases? Why does the weak force grow weaker with distance? How can one half of infinity still be infinity? How can space go on forever, but how could it ever not go on forever?

The fact is any and all science begins with a hand full of ideas that are accepted on faith. The universe is a vast chaos; the human brain throws a grid over the chaos like a fisherman casts a net upon the water. Then we can pick out relationships. Then we make things work for us. This has nothing to do with understanding just what the hell is going on. At the bottom of it all we just don’t understand anything. When you put faith in science, you are just replacing the name God with the name Science. The point is the same. It gives you comfort hope and meaning. Another Einstein quote “Faith without science is blind; science without faith is lame”. Faith and Science need to coexist in order for us to “be all that we can be”.

Oh my science.


Now, you be careful about that 20 ton spy satellite thats falling to earth in the next couple weeks.
I wouldn’t want it to hurt you. You best be wearin’ a saucepan on yer head the next coupla weeks!