Republicans Sold Their Soul

Republicans are in bad shape because they sold their soul. They wanted to win elections and compromised their core values to do it. They wanted be the winners of the new war.

I think the party will rise again, but they did make a classic mistake. They traded everything they had, the watches, the jewelry, and the mortgage, and gave all their chips to George Bush, a ten time loser.

Anyone want to take up this argument? The counter is this.

Republicans had to face the new realities of a post 911 world. They did gamble and losses were taken, but those losses were necessary and we have moved forward in securing the country because of the the sacrifices we made.

Anyone? Anyone? There is a case to be made here. You can win this argument!

The Republicans, as they are presently conceived, with as surely ‘rise again’ as the South did after the assassination of Lincoln. That is to say, ‘not at all’ under what is presently understood by the concept.

Now, at their core, they are the party of bad ideas. Now, I have great faith that given manufactured consent, bad ideas will have an enduring place in American politics so the Republican party will eventually start winning elections again. But, provided there isn’t another Grange-style switch prompting an abandonment of bad ideas (which may well happen) I don’t see that happening anytime too soon.

The Southern Strategy would seem to have run its course. Which bad idea will the Republicans cling to next?

both republicans and democrats are two sides of the same coin… the differences between the two parties have been nothing but superficial for decades. if youre looking for intelligence or “new ideas” in either party, youre looking in the wrong place.

basically, both parties figured out a long time ago that 95% of all americans were incompetent morons who didnt know how to think, and furthermore have no desire to. hence the empty platitudes, regurgitated stereotyped phrases, meaningless political propoganda, and the complete lack of any fundamental values or consistent premises behind ANY of the party platforms. politics in america has been dead for about 100 years now…

I don’t think I agree. What are the core bad ideas of the Republican party? I don’t think you can say that without saying that Democrats are at core bad ideas too. The ideas of our parties are coupled with each other, commie. If one has an opinion, the other has the opposite. :character-beavisbutthead:

Yeah but it’s silliness like this that Bush elected in the first place. I can assure you a Gore presidency would not have been the quasi-constitutional train wreck of the Bush years

sdwilson2002: I don’t think I agree. What are the core bad ideas of the Republican party? I don’t think you can say that without saying that Democrats are at core bad ideas too. The ideas of our parties are coupled with each other, commie. If one has an opinion, the other has the opposite. :character-beavisbutthead"

K: the core bad ideas of the GOP? Let us start with tax cuts, deregulation, less government, anti-middle and lower class,
the only solution to terrorism is military, anti-intellectual/science, absolute faith in the market, their stand against progress,
their pro-fetus/ anti baby agenda, their death penalty stand, their faith in punishment instead of rehabilitation, their very
idea about humans which is people never change/ once a “bad” person always a “bad” person, their refusal to accept personal
responsibility for anything despite their rhetoric otherwise (which also makes them hypocrites), their stand on gay marriage/
homosexuals, their hatred of anything European especically France, their xenophopia, shall I go on?


They’re not bad ideas. These ideas all have a time and a place. Sometimes regulation is bad. Sometimes taxes should be cut. Sometime you have to side against the middle class. etc. They make the arguments because their true. They’re good arguments. The problem is they try to apply them to every case when the truth is sometimes it’s not good to cut taxes. Somtimes it’s not good to de-regulate. etc.

Indeed, just look at the elections since 1994. Socialists on both sides of the aisle, with “consent” manufactured by a media so badly stuck up the butt of the Democrats, its no wonder things looked so bleak…until they actually became so.

Maybe they could fashion themselves after the Democrats of the 50’s and early 60’s. Reinstitute Jim Crow, call themselves Dixiecans and then downshift; demagogue the hell out of race and wealth envy à la LBJ. Why not, it worked for the Dems? But what’s the point, they’re just blue blood, country club wimp socialists anyway. Can’t hold a candle to the fanatics.

I agree with Three Times Great, except that we (we being the Constitution of We the People) were put on our deathbed in the 30’s when the powers that be decided to just skirt the Constitution instead of that pesky process of amending it. Things can be done so much quicker and without having to be so damn public about it.

Why is the Republican party the party of bad ideas? What is the rotten core? Having the Republican party run government is like having a strict vegan prepare your filet mignon. The only place it goes is into the trash.

As for PT’s comments, I’ll let him continue to exist in his bubble. But given how the media was absolutely behind GWB during his eight years and during the campaign it was behind McCain (it ran more stories about Obama, true, but they were mostly negative). Left-wing media indeed . . .

People who live in bubbles shouldn’t use needles.

The times they are a changing. According to a Pew Research Center report on released on Thursday:

“More than six-in-ten Americans (62%) say they have a positive opinion of the Democratic Party, compared with 40% who say they have a favorable opinion of the Republican Party. The current Democratic favorability advantage is the largest measured in nearly two decades. The widening gap is primarily a result of an increase in favorable views of the Democratic Party since the election, up from 57% in late October 2008.”

According to a Gallup report issued on Wednesday, the Republicans have a party identification advantage in only five states. Those states have a grand total of 20 electoral votes. It takes 270 to win.

On Friday, the Republicans elected former Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (a black man) as chairman of the Republican National Committee. They didn’t reward Chip Saltsman’s sophomoric “Barack the Magic Negro” shenanigans.

[source: The New York Times]

IF it’s true (which could well be in this case), what does that mean. It means that the Democrats are better at manipulating the people. There is one positive in their favor, they stick together right or up to 98% wrong (Blagojevich falling into that 2%), standing by their class warfare agenda and fear mongering 100% (where the Republicans buckle even when they have the Democrats dead to rights).

I believe that the Republicans, being largely comprised of invertebrates, are more responsible for the low opinion of themselves than the Dem’s sleazy tactics. We gave 'em Congress in '94 and they promptly folded at the first scuffle over Clinton’s shutting the government down. It was downhill from there.

This isn’t an answer. You haven’t given me any reason to believe that the Republican’s ideas are any worse than the Democrat’s.

I think what happens, roughly, is that we have, in the two parties, two stopped clocks, which very roughly take turns telling the correct time.

By 2004, the Republican practically dominated every level of government. At that point they were free to be what they essentially are and govern the way they wished. They squandered opportunities to lead. They acted in a strictly partisan manner. They failed to regulate business. They failed in Iraq until pushed to change by the opposition. Holding the reigns of power they self-destructed. Now their leading spokesman is Rush Limbaugh who claims its Sarah Palin. I don’t think selling their soul got them to this point. I think it was a result of being themselves. Now they are rangling with each other over what direction to take, and acting as obstructionists in congress. There doesn’t seem to be any positive agenda there whatsoever.

obstructionists? of course

they should lay down and let the left do whatever they please

The Republicans did whatever they pleased for the past 8 years and borught us two unnecessary wars and the worst economic situation since the Great Depression which they also brought us. Since they failed at leading, they ought to follow or get out of the way of those who can.

Once again you ignore what the Democrats did to the housing market. The Republicans are only responsible for not shouting to the rooftops what was happening, instead of mewling low key warnings on Saturday morning like Bush did. You can lay this directly at the feet of Carter, Clinton, the Democrat Congress during most of that time (and the media when they weren’t) and yes, Obama’s rhetoric that ignored the problem that he knew was there–what with one of his economic advisers having been a CEO of Fannie Mae.

Yup, that’s it.

Again, where was President Bush and the bully pulpit when that was happening? He basically did nothing or worse for the middle class so he wanted to be able to claim more people qualified for mortgages during his first term so he could get reelected in 2004.

The housing crisis is not fundamentally what caused this recession anyway. It was only a proximate circumstance that revealed the economy’s weakness. In reality since the late 1970s, a greater and greater share of national income has gone to people at the top. As late as 1976, the richest 1 percent of the country took home about 9 percent of the total national income. Bush and the recent Republican “leaders” were all about favoring the richest Americans and still are. By 2006, were the richest 1 percent were pocketing more than 20 percent.

The rich don’t spend as much of their income as the middle class and the poor do. Being rich means that they already have most of what they need. The concentration of income at the top led to a big shortfall in overall demand and sent the economy into a tailspin. Most American do not have enough real purchasing power to keep the economy going at its full productive capacity. Therein lies the deeper problem.