Request for help on subject: Founding Fathers Conspiracy.

I am currently researching a idea, a possible well published idea.

I am wondering are the founding fathers the “heros” we are taught they are.

Most of them were masons, masons being extention of nights templar.

Can any of you help me find resources that explain any such conspiracal connections?

Hey BluTGI,

Freemasonry fascinates me so I’ve read a lot about it. The site which best offers an explanation/conspiracy theory to it all is Freemasonry-watch. Specifically on the subject of the founding fathers have a look at:

freemasonwatch.freepress-freespe … rbill.html


freemasonwatch.freepress-freespe … ry101.html

Hiram Abiff!

  • ben

NOTA BENE: This site also links freemasonry to Nazism, Kabbalah and Satan Worshipping. Make your own judgements on its validity.

Im also looking for a more refutable source that works on the theory that the revolution was Rich colonist/criminals vs European power

Not a revolution for freedom by the poor and high class of america.

Actually ben, those links may well be valid. Hitler was an initiated mason. he was also initiated into the Ordo Templi Orientis, an offshoot of Masonry set-up by Alistair Crowley, famous satanist. The Ordo was a satanic group. Crowley was also very interested in Kabbalah and one of his books “777” deals extensively with the subject. It has also been said that a lot of Freemasonic imagery and numerology has kabbalistic meaning.

Crazy? Maybe not…

Conspiracy theories are certainly very interesting, just be careful to keep the suspension of disbelief from turning into a complete abandonment. Hitler was obsessed with the occult - he had some pretty…interesting…experiements done during his time in power - so yeah, he probably was a member of any group with such connections that he could join. I wouldn’t let that draw you into too much of a tizzy though.

The only “conspiracy” related to the founding fathers I’m aware of is that George Washington did have a Society of Cincinnatus (not sure of the spelling), named for the Roman farmer who was called to be dictator of Rome during a war, accomplished this goal, and then returned to his plowshare and gave up his power immediately afterwards. The purpose of the Society was protection of the young republic. He, and others in the society, feared for the well-being of the new country and the purpose of the society was to step in and act as temporary dictators if it was absolutely necessary. Obviously, this never took place, but of course theories still persist of the society.

Again, it’s fun stuff to read, and there is some truth in every lie, just remember the source of most of the information (rumors on the Internet) and don’t buy into much of it.

Nathan of Gaza was fascination in the passages of the Kabbalah that freed the sparks of light from the Klippoth. In doing so, he used some of the techniques of ‘the Mad Arab’ - who Crowley was interested in… its a bit occult and not much to do with founding fathers; although at the same time in Wisconcin US (not sure spelling) - there was reports of devil occults.!NECRO1.HTM -