God Bless.

It seems that the fine Msr. Derrida has gone back to the Great Text of the Lord. blessinggs to the repose of the soul of the finest Kabbalist of recent times


yes it is a shame that Derrida had to pass, the philosophic world will miss him…

…but “Lord”?!?



Without getting religious, I highly doubt his philosophy saved him…

but, who or what was he? I’ve never heard of him before. :confused: :wink:

Would Derrida still be Derrida if he didn’t live in France? Is it the environment or the man? The son of France, as Chirac would like to call him. (This, I would like to ask Chirac if given the chance).

No, Marie, I think the real question is would Derrida still be Derrida if he were not an Algerian Jew? Derrida is A Kabbalist through and through.

Being a Kabbalist is also part of that “environment”, no? Anyway, didn’t know much about his personal life, just his philosophy. And even then, I only took a quarter of Derridan philosophy, along with Habermas, et al. Not once did my lecturer mention he was an Algerian Jew. A true blue Kabbalist.

Here’s my thing, and I think you understand. (I’m just being clear, to well, be clear.) the Kabbalah is the art of textual manipulation to discover the hidden messages of God that lie waiting in the Torah. It was developed over thousands of years, dating from the Babylonian Exile, when the Hebrew people became a truly text oriented religion. It doesn’t become “Kabbalah” until the eighth and ninth centuries when the Book of Splendor, the Zohar, was composed in Spain, drawing on the Culture in the Umayyad controlled areas of Al-Andalusiya and the Maghrib. Now, that’s the factual business I remember from high school when I read some of Gershom Scholem’s (sp?) book on Kabbalah. I could be very wrong about some of the above. Also, I’m only 25 and they don’t let us little kids study such dangerous things as the Hidden Writing Of the Lord.

Derrida is obviously possessed of the instantiation of the Geist of the Maghribi Rabbis . hehehehe